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Although we want to encourage you to work hard and play hard (a great aim throughout your career!), we also  want to urge you to take some time to prepare for a successful start to school.  Time spent now will pay off great dividends during your first year! We highly recommend that you get these two books and read them before coming to school. Each has been carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible foundation for your positive transition veterinary school.



Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is an excellent overview of the current research on how to be a successful contender at every challenge you undertake.  It explores how personal perspective either limits or enhances your ability to succeed.  Mindset  #1 is call the “fixed mindset”.  Holding on to these beliefs can close down options and opportunities.  Mindset  #2 is the “growth mindset” which is curious, optimistic and hopeful.  We will use many of these principles in the upcoming Cougar Orientation and Leadership Experience (COLE) and know you will benefit from having a solid understanding of them throughout your entire professional career. 




SucceedHow To Succeed  at Medical School: An Essential Guide to Learning shares invaluable tips on how to adapt to the rigours of medical education.  Most students comment that it’s not the difficulty of the material they are asked to learn, but the sheer volume of the material that causes struggles.  The better you undertand how the process of clinical and medical learning differs from your education to date, the more successful you will be as a student.  The book covers a wide range of elements and issues you will face as you undertake the process of becoming a doctor.  Although written for human medical doctors, its wisdom is just as applicable for those training for their DVM.




We strongly urge you to get these books and read them BEFORE you start school in August!  They will provide you with the best “head start” we can provide and will lay a great foundation for a successful veterinary career.  Please do yourself a favor and GET THESE BOOKS!!

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