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Pet Health Topics

Pet Health Topics

Pet Health Topics is arranged into 4 major categories of topics:  OR select the A to Z Topic Index.

Additionally, this site includes anatomy illustrations.

SIZE WARNING! Pet Health topics are presented with lots of photographs. Some files are large and may require several minutes to appear on your computer screen.

This information is NOT meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian.   





determining the sex of a kitten bathing your dog
ear medications ear medications
eye medications eye medications
oral medications oral medications
SQ fluids oral fluids
trimming claws SQ fluids
  trimming claws

Common Problems

cancer  pain, how to detect
coughing seizures
diarrhea urinary incontinence
nasal discharge/sneezing vomiting 


anal sac disease hyperthyroidism in the cat
Addison's disease intervertebral disk disease 
antifreeze poisoning Lyme disease
cardiomyopathy (hypertrophic) in cats lymphoma
  cardiomyopathy (dilated) in dogs lymphoma feline
  chronic kidney disease  
Cushing's disease mast cell cancer
diabetes mellitus osteosarcoma (bone cancer)
heart valve malfunction (mitral insufficiency) in dogs rabies
hypothyroidism in the dog salmon poisoning disease

Miscellaneous  Health Care Topics

  acupuncture feeding a previously abused, emaciated dog
adopting a pet gifts for the pet owner & other holiday tips
anesthesia: My pet is going under anesthesia... litter preferences of cats
  bunny care service dogs
  cancer surgery What do all those lab tests mean?
  cardiac medications WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  cardiac patient home care One Cancer Patients' Story...
cold weather pet tips Radiation therapy for cancer treatment
holiday hazards to your pet Recognizing pain
  How does my veterinarian make a diagnosis of my pets problem?


  cardiovascular system cat respiratory system cat
  cardiovascular system dog respiratory system dog
  digestive system cat special senses cat
  digestive system dog special senses dog
  lymphatic system urogenital system  cat
  musculoskeletal system urogenital system  dog
  nervous system
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