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The WSU Clinical Simulation Center offers hands-on surgical training to veterinary students beginning their very first year.  Using a peer-based teaching approach, the center offers exceptional training.  Students have the opportunity to use simulation models from basic suturing to models that give an accurate feel of actual exam or surgical procedures.

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Because our students will be better prepared in basic and more advanced technical and clinical skills, they will enter the workforce with more confidence and the ability to work more independently.  For hiring clinics, this means that our highly-trained graduates will be able to hit the ground running.

The center's mission is to provide a positive, enriching, and supportive educational environment at all levels of training.  The labs are currently open to WSU veterinary students, interns, and residents. In the next five years, the goal is to expand educational opportunities to veterinary staff and practitioners.

venipuncture model
Amy Berry ('15 DVM) and Dr. Julie Cary (right)
working with a large animal jugular vein model.
Amy is placing an intravenous catheter.

"As a teaching assistant for the lab, I can say first had that I have watched students at WSU grow in their surgery skills in ways that students don't have opportunities to until the third year in other programs."

—Amy Berry ('15 DVM) from Wyoming.  She wants to practice agricultural animal and equine medicine in rural America

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