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Science can be exciting, interactive and fun! This hypothesis was overwhelmingly conveyed to young participants in the annual Palouse Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair that took place at Washington State University March 8, 2011.

"Gross!" shrieked one young participant as she dawned latex gloves to handle a "real live" human brain. Still, observers could not help but notice that this young lady spent a great deal of time and care in examining the specimen and exploring its intricate structure. Learning how the brain works was the focus of the day.

Nearly 70 young participants from Spokane’s Chase, Glover and Shaw Middle School science classes were transported to WSU for the annual event. Once they arrived, students were divided into 12 teams, and each team participated in and judged a variety of WSU senior neuroscience student projects. With concepts such as "To Eat or Not to Eat" or "Name that Face!" youngsters cycled through learning experiences, each focused on a specific concept of how their brains function in real-life situations. At the conclusion of the day, students were asked to select their favorite projects and judge how well each concept was conveyed.

Projects were exciting, interactive and fun! The Kids Judge! experience not only taught WSU neuroscience students how to convey their own hypotheses, but it also helped the younger learners appreciate the wonders and mysteries to be explored inside their own human brains.

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