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Graduate Handbook (2013-14)
     Contents (page 1-2)
     Introduction (page 3)
     Purpose of Doctoral Education (page 3)
     Graduate Program Mission (page 5)
     Research Facilities (page 6)
     Admission requirements (page 7)
     Assistantships (page 8)
     Student Program Requirements (page 12-15)
     Suggested Schedules (page 16-17)
     Doctoral checklist (page 18)
     Course Descriptions (page 19)
     Registering (page 21)
     Completing a degree (page 28-34)
     Program Structure (page 36-37)
     Neuroscience Faculty (page 39)
     Veterinary Science Faculty (page 41)
     Sample forms (begin page 42)
(Be sure to check current handbook for miscellaneous topics and
for the most up-to-date information)

     Poncin Fellowship (New applications due April 2013)
     SMART Scholarship  (poster) (brochure)

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