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Student Spotlight Rong (Regina) Guo

Rong (Regina) Guo was born on March 7, 1988 in the city of Jinan, Shandong, China.  The only child born to her mother and father, Rong spent a lot of time with her grandparents as a young child, on Shandong University where they were employed as professors of physics.  Her grandmother taught basic optics while her grandfather was dean of the Department of Electronic Engineering.  While  being taken care of by  her grandparents, her reading materials consisted of alot of scientific magazines published for the young reader. While she was describing these magazines, I expected a roll of her eyes or a remorseful look on her face, instead she said "it was cool, really cool ya know, childrens' magazines and stuff".

Rong completed her BS degree in  Biological Science at Shangdong University at Weihai, a beautiful seashore campus. Her department was within the Marine College leading her to learn about a lot of marine creatures, "dolphins and that kind of stuff".  After she completed her BS she was ready to expand her knowledge and education to include studies on addiction.  After completing a massive online search, she was able to narrow her choice to WSU and after having a telephone conversation with Dr. Yang Dong, Assistant Professor in Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh (formerly Assistant Professor in Neuroscience at WSU), she chose WSU as her place of study.

The reason that she has chosen to pursue her Ph.D. in Neuroscience is that she always enjoys the process of doing research and is fascinated with how the brain works. She wants to "see why people are so crazy" and to see how the brain functions in active addiction and in withdrawal.  Her father was a life-long alcoholic who passed away in the spring of 2013 and her mother used to drink but  has been successfully sober  for about 15 years.  When she talked about her mother her eyes became very soft and her face lit up.  She realizes the work her mother puts in to her sobriety so that Rong can have a good, solid life.

Rong aspires to complete a double post doc after graduation.  At present, her study focuses on the effects of chronic alcohol exposure on sleep patterns and circadian rhythms in Drs. Steve Simasko and Heiko Jansens' labs.  Her postdoc work might be extended in areas of addiction/alcoholism, sleep  or circadian rhythms.

The most entertaining aspect of her life, by far, is her relationship with her cat Tiger, a beautiful Torbie.  Tiger has at least five stray cat friends (in the Tiger Gang) that she  roams outside with daily whom Rong feeds but doesn't claim as her own. Tiger also catches and brings her own pet snakes (very much alive) home who often run freely or hide around the apartment and may feed on the bugs and other creatures that Tiger catches outside, "I guess they've made their own eco-circle at home.  They live a very good life and Tiger is the owner of the house.Let there be no mistake, just because Rong allows her cat freedoms and extraordinary play friends at home, she is most certainly a lady in charge of her life.  She knows where she's going and what today's responsibilities are and it is quite evident that she will be in control of all aspects of her life.  In a nutshell I would describe her as an independent and determined young woman with a heart of gold. 


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