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School of Molecular Biosciences, a Quarterly Newsletter for Biochemestry, Genetics and Cell Biology, and Microbiology Alumni

Elizabeth Hall Scholarship
Calling all alumni! Did you receive an Elizabeth Hall Scholarship? By supporting the Elizabeth Hall Scholarship you can help another student succeed. The Elizabeth Hall Scholarship was established in 1972 by many friends, colleagues, and former students to honor Dr. Elizabeth Hall (1914-2001), a member of the WSU faculty from 1944 to 1976.

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 Unlocking the secrets of fat metabolism
Jennifer Watts One of a group of young scientists in the WSU School of Molecular Biology, Jennifer Watts focuses her research on the genetic basis for variations in fat metabolism. Using a simple nematode model, she hopes to discover new genes that could eventually lead to better therapeutic treatments for morbid obesity.

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First STARS Students Start Graduate School 
Meet Ross Rowsey one of the first STARS students to start graduate school! STARS— Students Targeted toward Advanced Research Studies— gives select students a chance to accelerate learning and earn a doctorate in as little as seven years after leaving high school. Ross Rowsey, currently a senior at WSU working with Dr. Terry Hassold, will be one of the first graduates of the STARS program when he finishes his Ph.D. in 2015.

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Ross Rowsey and Terry Hassold


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