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Course Comparison Chart

The following chart lists examples of courses that have been reviewed by our admissions committee for equivalency to the required prerequisite courses. Please use this as a guide as you review your prerequisite courses.

WSU Course Description
Approved Course From Ourtside Institution
Disapproved Course From Outside Institution
Genetics: (3-4 semester hours) Principles of modern and classical genetics. Topics that should be covered include: Basic Mendelian genetics, meiosis, mitosis, chromosome rearrangement, DNA structure and replication, mutations, bacterial and phage genetics, gene regulation, transcription, translation, plasmids, transposons, cloning, population genetics, evolution (WSU MBioS 301)
Introductory Genetics: Covers gene transmission, including chromosome mapping, genetic pathways; mutational analysis of biological processes emphasizing mutations affecting chromosome transmission. Introduction to genomics - cloning and sequence analysis of whole genomes. Emphasizes formal genetic mechanisms, molecular techniques.
Genetics of Livestock Improvement: This course encompasses basic principles of animal breeding and genetics with application towards the improvement of domestic livestock species. A variety of topics are covered to facilitate a greater understanding of gene function, inheritance patters and selection practices used in sustainable animal breeding programs.
Statistics: (3 semester hours) Topics that should be covered include: Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics: t-tests, chi-square tests, one-way ANOVA, simple linear regression and correlation.
Principles of Statistics: Includes summarizing data, measures of central location, measures of variation, probability, mathematics expectation, probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression analysis, and correlation.
Management Statistics: This is the introduction to basic statistics for management students.
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