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Applying to WSU For Undergraduate Studies

In order to apply to the professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine it is important that you have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites. These prerequisites may be completed at any higher education institution but there are also several undergraduate degrees at WSU that you may pursue which will focus on pre-veterinary preparation and allow you to fulfill the prerequisites.

Special Note: If you fulfill the prerequisites at an institution other than WSU but have not received a bachelor's degree, it is important that you contact a WSU Transfer Counselor to check that your coursework will be transferable.

General PreVet Information

A solid and broad undergraduate experience is a crucial foundation for the successful completion of the veterinary curriculum. Most students earn a bachelor's degree, then apply to a four-year professional program in veterinary medicine. While only three years of pre-professional study are required, you will be much better prepared for entrance exams and professional study after a full four years of college study. You can choose any major you like - just be sure to fulfill the core requirements for admission to veterinary professional schools.

At Washington State University there are a few undergraduate degrees with pre-veterinary options. They include:

  • Animal Science
  • Wildlife Ecology
  • Zoology
  • Neuroscience
  • BioEngineering
  • Honors College

Again, students are not required to study in one of these fields – any major can be pursued, however at WSU these programs have designated pre-vet advisors and programs of study that specifically prepare a student for application to a DVM program. visit for more information on these undergraduate programs.

While students are encouraged to apply for admission after earning a baccalaureate degree, some students do earn early admission. To be eligible to apply for early admission, students must have completed all of their general education and physical and biological prerequisite courses. DVM CORE prerequisites.

WSU Undergraduate Early Admit Programs

There are two programs at Washington State University (WSU) by which highly motivated and uniquely qualified individuals may gain early acceptance (pre-admission) and early entry (admission) into the professional veterinary medical program. In cooperation with the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, the University Honors College offers the Pre-Admitted Veterinary Medicine Program and the Department of Animal Sciences offers the Combined Program in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (additional detail for each is given below).

These programs share the common goal of identifying and retaining uniquely and highly qualified students early in their respective undergraduate programs by offering an opportunity to gain pre-admission into the professional program at the end of their first undergraduate year. All such applicants submit a letter of intent, three letters of recommendation and their SAT/ACT scores (the Graduate Record Exam [GRE] is not required as part of these special application programs during the freshman year of undergraduate studies at WSU). The CVM admissions committee then invites the most highly qualified applicants for a personal interview near the beginning of the applicant's sophomore year of undergraduate studies.

Successful applicants are provisionally granted early admission into the professional program. Students in the pre-admitted Honors College and Animal Science programs can, by virtue of specifically designed curricula, complete the majority of the work toward their baccalaureate degree in the three years prior to admission into the professional program. Please note, however, that these curricula are rigorous and the course loads tend to be heavy. The provision for remaining in these programs is that pre-admitted students must maintain their high academic performance with an overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5 and must participate in a meeting with the CVM Director of Admissions each fall prior to starting the DVM program. The baccalaureate degree is conferred in one the respective undergraduate programs following satisfactory completion of the undergraduate work and the first-year professional coursework.

A student who is not selected to participate in one of the early acceptance and entry programs, or who fails to maintain the high academic standard, may enter the general applicant pool and become eligible to apply to the professional program as soon as requirements for general application have been fulfilled. Similarly, high achieving students who do not wish to participate in these programs can submit their applications as part of the general applicant pool as soon as requirements for general application have been satisfied.

Honors College Pre-Admitted Veterinary Medicine Program

All Honors College students enrolled in one of four participating pre-veterinary programs, including Animal Science, Neuroscience, Wildlife Ecology and Zoology, are eligible to apply for early acceptance and entry into the professional program. These students may only apply and interview for early acceptance/entrance one time, following their freshman undergraduate year. Please note that pre-admitted Honors College students must complete an honors thesis prior to graduation. Pre-admitted Honors College students are advised by both the Honors College and their pre-veterinary academic major program. Pre-Veterinary Program through the Honors College

For more information, please contact the Honors College, PO Box 642012, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-2012.

Combined Program in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

The Department of Animal Sciences offers students selected from its undergraduate program an opportunity to participate in its pre-admission program, the purpose of which is to attract and retain highly qualified candidates with specific career interest in production animal medicine. Selection is by invitation only and requires a minimum entering high school GPA of 3.6 and significant experience with food-producing animals. Students are advised through the Department of Animal Sciences.

For additional information contact the Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, PO Box 646310, Pullman, WA 99164-6310.

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