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Dr. Lynn Webb

Test Writing: Getting the Best Measurement You Can

April 3, 2014

Dr. Lynn Webb

Lynn C. Webb, Ed. D. - Testing Consultant, Chicago, IL

Dr. Webb developed certification examinations for several medical specialties at the National Board of Medical Examiners, was the Director of Testing for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and has worked as an independent testing consultant for 13 years.

This workshop will inspire you to write excellent, clear test questions that will provide the information you seek AND prepare your students for the standardized examinations they will take for licensure or certification. Learn how to create professional-level examinations that do not give away the answers to test-wise examinees.

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Survey Report from Dr. Lynn Webb's Workshop  - Click here

Schedule of Events:

Location: Lighty 405

  • Thursday (April 3rd):

    • 9 am - Welcome, introductions

      9:15 am -Why measurement matters

      9:30 am -Planning your assessment

      9:45 am -Assessment formats

        Short Answers

        Long answer (essay)


        Fill in the blank

        Multiple choice

      10:30 am -Technical aspects of Multiple Choice Questions

      11:30 am -Test-wise examinees, quiz (gasp!) and break

      12 pm-Lunch

      1:00 pm -Practice critiquing test questions

      1:15 pm -Write a few questions

      2:30 pm -Group review of questions

      3:00 pm -Break

  • Additional Mini-Session:
    • 3:15 pm -Scoring your assessments

      3:45 pm -Differences between professional assessments and your examinations

      4:15 pm -Questions/discussion

      4:30 pm -Adjourn

  • Friday (April 4th):

  • Additional Mini Session:
    • 8:15 am -Welcome, introductions

      8:30 am -Critiquing your own examinations (participants are asked to bring one of their tests for this exercise)

      10:00 am -Adjourn

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