VPh 308-Functional Anatomy

Histology Laboratory Review (Revised 05/27/2011)

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Lab 1H (cells, organelles) Lab 2H (basic tissues) Lab 3H (cartilage) Lab 4H (integument) Lab 5,6H (muscle) Lab 7H (nervous) Lab 9aH (respiratory) Lab 9bH (cardiovascular) Lab 10H (digestive) Lab 11 Problems Lab 12H (urinary)

As you review these slides, it is recommended that you have your Laboratory Manual with you. Your lecture notes may be useful as well. This site is not intended to replace the first two labs, which are strictly microscopic anatomy, or your need to examine the demo slides in the subsequent labs. The microscopic slides used in the labs will be those used on the exams.

Beginning with Lab 3, links are present to the reviews of gross dissection (e.g., [Lab 3G]) on the parent histology lab page (e.g., [Lab 3H]).

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