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American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

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Small Animal Clinic Group PhotoAAHA logoThe American Animal Hospital Association is an international organization of active companion animal veterinary hospital owners and practitioners. AAHA is dedicated to serving its members by providing the best possible programs and services, as well as developing and disseminating state-of-the-art information on topics in companion animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry, as well as practice management methods, hospital design, management information, and changing professional and social trends.

AAHA provides services and information through leading edge continuing education, including its JOURNAL and other publications, local, regional, and national conferences and seminars, and videotapes. AAHA provides additional sources of practice assistance through Member Hospital Standards and hospital evaluations, hospital design and planning services, accounting and data collection systems, insurance programs, as well as marketing and public relations programs.

The student chapter of AAHA hosts specialty labs on topics such as suturing, cardiology, neurology and nutrition for students to gain additional experience.  The student chapter hosts the annual Small Companion Animal Wellness clinic in Spokane which provides limited care for pets of homeless and low-income owners.

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