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Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) 

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WSU's VBMA chapter won first place in the 2013 National VBMA Chapter Awards out of 32 national and international chapters.

5 generations of VBMA presidents are pictured left to right: Brittany Dawson (2013 president), Melanie Bowden (2014 president), Kristen Britton (2011 president), Mary Linker (2014 President Elect), and Heidi Fingerson (2012 president).

Mission Statement

The Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) is a national student-managed organization intent on improving the veterinary profession through increasing business knowledge. We share the belief of many other veterinary professionals -- in order to provide the best care for animals, we need to increase our knowledge about subjects outside of the medical realm. 

We feel that bringing business management issues to veterinary students is integral to the education of a well-rounded veterinarian and the advancement of veterinary medicine as a profession. This knowledge of business will translate into increased sales, stronger veterinarian-supplier relationships, and allow veterinarians to practice better medicine. 

Though veterinary business management issues are a large concern, our organization is not limited to solely promoting veterinary business management issues. Others issues include managing debt, how to plan for the future, client interaction, and the importance of managing personal finances. It is our belief that a veterinarian cannot be successful professionally without first having a firm control of their personal finances. 

In addition this association has been created for and is controlled by all those that are concerned with broadening their knowledge of the veterinary business. We have several goals that we would like to see the VBMA fulfill:

  1. Increase student and veterinarian interest and awareness regarding their financial affairs, entry into the job market, personal management skills, and opportunities that are available to persons with a VMD/DVM degree.
  2. Involve students and veterinarians in discussions with knowledgeable veterinary practice management consultants and advisors.
  3. To provide a forum for learning life skills and the principles of successful business management 

Officers 2014 - 2015

President: Mel Bowden
President Elect: Mary Linker    
VP: Hana Kazunas  
Treasurer: Lydia Durant   
Secretary: Lauren Restis   
Public Relations Officer: Rebecca Tracey 
Chapter Operations: Raquel McBride 
Advisor: Dr. Richard DeBowes

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