Study Skills, Time Management & Test Anxiety

Study Skills, Time Management & Test Anxiety, students studying at computers

Studying: What Works, What Doesn't - Research-based article from Scientific American

How to maximize your focus and master your priorities - Warren Buffet's two list strategy, Huffington Post, 2015

Learning, Memory, and Study Skills Research Articles - Daniel Willingham, Science and Education Blog—excellent research-based articles on how to improve your learning methods

Study Skills for DVM Students

Study Skills Workshop Handouts

Cornell Note Taking

Study Tips & Advice for Graduate Students

YouTubes of Veterinary Anatomy - These resources have not been recommended or checked by CVM faculty for accuracy. They are meant as examples only.

University of Minnesota Carnivore Anatomy Dissections

Student Study Strategies for Anatomy I - Information from CVM Anatomy students who achieved substantial grade improvements by altering their study methods.

Is Rereading a Good Study Strategy? - Faculty Focus: Higher Ed Teaching Strategies

Top 10 Memory Improvement Tips

Improve Your Concentration

Study Concentration

Test Taking Strategies

Complete Guide to Test Preparation

Time Management - Numerous resources: a quiz, common time management mistakes, prioritization and organizational tools

Managing Test Anxiety - Strategies for graduate health sciences.

Test Anxiety Workshops - free workshops offered by WSU Counseling & Testing Services

The Test Anxiety Inventory - (PDF) Take this quiz to learn whether you have test anxiety and would benefit from counseling to manage it.

WSU Access Center - Testing accommodations for students with functional limitations that affect academic performance

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