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Photo Gallery: Page 2 (click on a picture for full sized view)

All participants successfully completing a group lap sit. This activity was designed to test trust between participants.


Results of the group in the sitting position attempting to take one group step forward with their right foot.

Participants involved in “Raccoon Circles”. This activity provided opportunity to learn interesting facts about fellow group participants.


This scene is showing group members successfully negotiating an electric fence which as the activity continued became higher and higher off the ground and required teamwork to successfully cross the electric fence as displayed in the following 2 pictures.

The next 4 pictures show group participants (as members of elite backcountry veterinary rescue squads) rescuing an injured duck from the bottom of a rather leaky well. Because the duck had rabies, the duck could not be touched with any part of anyone’s body. Chopsticks, which served as forest service approved rescue equipment, were the only items available to each team by which to transport the injured duck to the helo-port for immediate airlift to an appropriate veterinary hospital (picture bottom left). Teamplay and problem solving skills.

helo-port for immediate airlift of the ducks to an appropriate veterinary hospital


The group is attempting to pass one of the group members through a spider’s web without touching. Teamplay

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