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Photo Gallery: Page 3 (click on a picture for full sized view)

Participants attempting to successfully cross the “Triangle Traverse”. If anyone fell off the low elevation cable everyone had to start over. Teamplay.

A group in discussion of a posed ethical dilemma related to veterinary medicine.

These next 3 scenes depict groups participating in “Balloon Train”. Groups had to successfully negotiate an obstacle course without a balloon popping or touching the ground. All while not using hands or arms to keep the balloon between each group member and the next group member.

Group members successfully traveling to a designated endpoint on Australian skis without any body part touching the ground.

A bug race, just prior to the “AND THEY’RE OFF”

A bug race in progress. The first bug to the outer line starting from the inner circle wins.

An attempted re-capture of the winning bug in preparation for the next heat.

A group discussing a veterinary medical related ethical issue while cruising the lake.

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