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As part of the orientation program for the WSU Class of 2006, students were invited to participate in a two day off-campus experience at Camp Twin Low outside of Rathdrum, Idaho. Over half of the class, in addition to several students from the Classes of 2005 and 2004, administrators, and faculty, took advantage of this opportunity to get to know each other prior to the beginning of classes.

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Camp Alpha

The CVM Student Professional Leadership Camp was made possible by donations from alumni and the generous support of Hills Pet Nutrition Inc.

The camp experience emphasized communication, bonding, team building, camaraderie and critical thinking. Games, a "challenge course", recreational and social time and small group discussions contributed to enhancing the goals of this part of the orientation program. The highlight of the camp for most participants were the very competitive bug races held under the spotlights after dinner and, of course, singing with Dean Bayly as the evening drew to a close. Based on the positive response to this year's activity, plans are already being made for an expanded camp experience next year.

Photo Gallery (click on a picture for full sized view)

Campers receiving their initial welcome to the camp by the camp director

“Do you know your neighbor?” The purpose of this activity was to provide an opportunity for participants to learn the name of their constantly changing neighbors in a fun way.

Camp food

Participants searching for their bug contestant. As it turns out, they were apprehending the champion in the bug races held that evening. So congrats to the inaugural winner, Centispeed!

One of the individuals participating in “do you know your neighbor?”

Participants enjoying the game called “Go Cougs”. The purpose of this activity was again to learn names and to accomplish a simple task that required teamplay.

Another scene from “Go Cougs”

Participants attempting to master “King Frog”. This activity was a rhythm and sustained concentration exercise involving teamplay and further name acquisition.

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