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CVM Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award 

The College of Veterinary Medicine's Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award is given to honor distinguished M.S. or Ph.D. graduates for excellence in research, teaching, service, or business.

Awarded in 2011

  Glen Cantor
Dr Glenn Cantor & Dean Slinker

Dr. Glenn H. Cantor

Ph.D. '93

Dr. Glenn Cantor started his career in veterinary pathology as a faculty member in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology at Washington State University. He was a successful tenured faculty professor for a number of years with significant grant support, teaching responsibilities and funded research projects. He chose to leave this productive professional path in 2002 to join Pharmacia and later Bristol-Myers Squibb focusing on Discovery Toxicology. It was and is still unusual for a tenured researcher as experienced and knowledgeable as Dr. Cantor to leave academia and join the pharmaceutical industry. However the benefits for both sides are huge.  

One of the most important aspects of Dr. Cantor’s achievements and professional life is his willingness to serve as a role model and mentor to younger veterinarians and other scientists. As an individual who excelled in teaching and is now working within the pharmaceutical industry, he provides a unique perspective to the rewards and challenges of the different career routes that young veterinary pathologists might aspire to. He has ensured throughout his pharmaceutical career to retain his focus on mentorship and teaching, both formally and informally. Dr. Cantor also is an important role model as a successful veterinarian within the pharmaceutical industry.  

In addition to his numerous other accomplishments, Dr. Cantor has been active in national and international professional societies, including the Society of Toxicology and the American College of Veterinary Pathology. He has been on the Editorial Board of important journals, including Metabolomics and Veterinary Pathology.

  David Prieur
Dr. David J. Prieur & Dean Slinker

Dr. David J. Prieur

Ph.D. '71

Dr. David Prieur has been a dedicated biomedical educator and research investigator throughout his distinguished career. His record of publications is impressive in terms of the quality of journals in which he has published and the impact of his work as evidenced by citation of his papers by other authors. He has dedicated himself to educating veterinary and graduate students through several unique programs that have increased access, diversity, and financial support for students recruited to WSU. These accomplishments are impressive in their own right and reflect positively on Washington State University that provided a significant part of his educational background for a remarkably successful career.  

Dr. Prieur has made many contributions to the veterinary medical profession through his role as a Department Chair at Washington State University. He has served as Chair for more than 24 years and has built a department with an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, diagnostic services and international outreach. He has been instrumental in the growth and success of the department through recruitment and support of promising young faculty members. Those faculty members were able to reach their potential because of the selfless commitments Dr. Prieur made to establishing and maintaining a collegial working environment. He secured training grant support for additional graduate students, and worked steadfastly to enhance diversity of trainees. The impact of his efforts is reflected in the national teaching awards earned by Departmental faculty members.  

Dr. Prieur has truly distinguished himself through contributions in research, education, and servant leadership. He is an alumnus in which Washington State University can justifiably be proud.

Awarded in 2009

  Dr. James Lincoln
Dr Jim Lincoln & Dean Slinker
Dr. James Lincoln

Dr. James Lincoln

MS '79

The true legacy of Dr. James Lincoln is marked by the hundreds of veterinary surgeons he has trained. For over 30 years, Dr. Lincoln has guided students at WSU through the difficult path of veterinary orthopedic medicine. Many consider themselves to be part of an exclusive club of trainees, who refer to his talented ability to take traumatized bones and realign the puzzle into perfection that is often referred to as healed “by the hands of Lincoln.” An icon here at WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine, he has helped define a large body of surgical specialists who now utilize his principals of teaching and skills daily. We can think of no other educator, colleague or friend more worthy of this year's 2009 Distinguished Veterinary Graduate Alumnus Award.

  Francisco Trigo
Dr  Trigo & Dean Slinker.
The award was presented September 2012

Dr. Francisco Trigo

Dr. Francisco J. Trigo

Ph.D. '83

Dr. Francisco Trigo is a renowned veterinarian and veterinary pathologist, and leader in veterinary medicine in Mexico and Latin America. Under his leadership as Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the National University of Mexico, his school is on track to become the first Mexican College of Veterinary Medicine to be accredited by the AVMA-COE. Dr. Trigo is credited with dramatically elevating the instruction, research, and status of veterinary medicine in Mexico and its surrounding countries. Dr. Trigo has lectured at more than 170 national and international conferences, and has organized 38 scientific meetings and congresses, while publishing over 100 scientific papers. His research productivity has made him the preeminent authority in veterinary medicine in Mexico, and Latin America. His leadership and dedication are the qualities we believe are most deserving of this year's 2009 Distinguished Veterinary Graduate Alumnus Award.

Trigo, the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous National University of Mexico was unable to attend as the University had been shut down because of the H1N1 influenza outbreak and the President of the University asked all Deans to remain available to deal with any emergencies that should arise.


  Dr Yong Ho Park

Awarded in 2008

Dr. Yong Ho Park

Ph.D. '91

Yong Ho Park is the Dean of the college of Veterinary Medicine at Seoul National University in South Korea. His research work currently focuses on antimicrobial resistance of microorganisms. He is published in nearly 90 international top-tier Veterinary Medical and Biomedical journals, and has received numerous teaching awards throughout his career. He is named on 26 patents, and his use of molecular biology techniques have been the basis of a privately developed company Genbank. A meticulous scientist and reliable collaborator, he received the Idaho Governor's Valued Partner Award in 2005. These outstanding achievements are deserving of this year's Washington State University College Veterinary Medicine Distinguished Veterinary Graduate Alumnus Award.

Awarded in 2007

Dr. Linda Cork

Ph.D. '74

Dr. Cork is the Chair of the Comparative Medicine Department at Stanford University, a position she has held since 1994. Cited as being a superb writer and accomplished speaker, Dr. Cork has authored, or co-authored over 150 scientific manuscripts principally in the fields of neuropathology and comparative medicine. She is the first woman, and one of only 16 veterinarians ever elected to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine.

Provost Robert Bates, Dr Linda Cork, Dean Bayly
Dr Cork
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