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The training of future veterinarians is one of the primary missions of the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. In order to more effectively promote veterinary student teaching, the college needs to do a better job of recognizing faculty that pursue and achieve excellence in this area. The current system by which a few outstanding teachers are recognized each year does not do justice to the many others who also excel.


The associate Dean of Academic Affairs working in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee shall designate on an annual basis a group of Newbrey and Wescott Teaching Scholars who have demonstrated excellence in pre-clinical (years 1-3) and clinical (year 4) teaching, respectfully. This designation shall carry no direct monetary award but will be used by the college to recognize faculty achievement in teaching. The scholars will be designated according to the following criteria:

Jerry Newbrey Teaching Scholars

  1. The designation of “Newbrey Teaching Scholar” is awarded to faculty for excellence in teaching during the first 3 years of the veterinary curriculum
  2. It is awarded to faculty who, according to the CVM’s standardized student evaluations, score in the top 20 percentile of the college on the query “Rate the Instructor.”
  3. For consideration as a Newbrey Teaching Scholar, a faculty member must:
    {a} teach at least 10% of a course in the core curriculum, (or have
    at least 6 contact hours), and

    {b} receive standardized evaluations from at least 50% of the
    veterinary students enrolled in the course.
  4. The Newbrey Scholars are recognized each spring for achievement in the previous calendar year. It is the duty of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs working with the Curriculum Committee to identify and approve the Newbrey Scholars.

    {a} To identify the Newbrey Teaching Scholars, the evaluations for each calendar
    year should be arranged to identify instructors who meet the criteria
    outlined in part [3] and who are evaluated among the top 20 percentile.

    {b} Instructors who are ranked among the top 20 percentile in multiple courses
    will only be recognized once. However, the number of instructors
    recognized will not be extended beyond the top 20 percentile even when
    the instructors who are ranked multiple times are eliminated from the

Richard Wescott Clinical Teaching Scholars

  1. The designation of “Wescott Clinical Teaching Scholar” is awarded to faculty for excellence in teaching during the final (fourth) year of the veterinary curriculum.
  2.  Wescott Scholars are elected by a poll of the graduating senior students each spring just before graduation.

    The poll will be conducted by the Office of Student Services under the direction
    of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs as follows:

    {a} Each graduating senior will be given a ballot which they are required to
    complete and submit to the Office of Student Services.

    {b} The ballot will contain a list of all faculty teaching in the senior year which is
    divided into 3 categories: (Small Animal medicine and surgery, Large Animal
    medicine and surgery, and Diagnostics/Services. The latter group should
    include faculty teaching seniors in Radiology, Clinical Pathology,
    Anesthesiology, the Field Disease Investigation Unit, Pathology, Toxicology
    and Diagnostic Parasitology, Bacteriology and Virology/Serology).

    {c} Prior to distribution of the ballot, it should be reviewed and approved by all
    department chairs to ensure that no faculty have been omitted. All faculty on
    the ballot must be tenure track or instructor level.

    {d} Seniors are instructed to vote for FIVE faculty members, including at least
    one in each of the three categories. The remaining two votes can come from
    any category (so there could be as many as 3 selected in one category.
  3. The Office of Student Services will tabulate the votes. The top SIX vote getters, including the top vote getter in each category will be designated “Wescott Clinical Teaching Scholars” for the academic year ending with graduation.

The Carl Norden Distinguished Teacher Award

This award is sponsored by Pfizer and recognizes outstanding teachers who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the profession through their teaching abilities. The recipient of this award is selected by the fourth year class.

Other Teaching Awards

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