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College Recognition Awards

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 

Since 1997 the Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards have recognized staff members who have excelled in the performance of their duties as well as promoted team work and inspired excellence in others. Staff are nominated by their department and selected by an advisory committee. Awards are presented at the annual College of Veterinary Medicine back-to-school picnic and BBQ.

2014 Recipients

Kimberly Dudley
School of Molecular Biosciences Grants and Contracts Coordinator

"Kim is an outstanding, highly reliable and motivated employee... she exhibits great competence and timeliness in performance of her job. Kim not only executes her duties efficiently and with grace, but also she routinely takes initiative to research for the most appropriate methods to accomplish her tasks. Indeed, she is not afraid to tackle the most complex and arcane issues."

Rachel Halsey
College of Veterinary Medicine Academic Coordinator

"As I look around at all that's been accomplished or changed since Rachel came to work in the CVM, I am astounded." "Rachel is an extraordinary coordinator, herding faculty towards their goals without using the sharp prod." "In addition to her collegial nature, her collaborative spirit, and her simple ability to get things done, one of the attributes that most distinguishes Rachel is her quest for self-improvement and growth."

Jennifer McDonald
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Fiscal Specialist

"Jennifer accomplishes an amazing amount of work in her day... She has taken on additional duties, always with a 'how can I help' attitude and has been an integral part of our response..." "Jennifer's many roles are neither easy, nor are they set in stone. She is a very flexable employee who is always willing to take on additional tasks."

Lisa Orfe
Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health Research Supervisor

"She makes it possible for many other people to be successful (training and trouble-shooting) while at the same time she fully engages in the creative process (experimental design, execution and analysis)." "She brings a 'can-do' creative, positive and friendly attitude to work every day (without fail) and everyone in the lab cannot help but be swept along."

Stephen "Kip" Prahinski
WADDL Lab Technician

"Kip exceeds expectations in all ways possible" "Kip does so many behind the scenes tasks that most people will never have a clue how much they rely on him until he one day retires and those jobs no longer are 'magically' completeted. He arrives every morning before most people are awake." "He has eagle eyes when it comes to details and is proactive at maintaining our department's good reputation."

Group Award

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology Administrative Office

"Efforts are thorough and mistakes are rare. All go well beyond what is required of them and consistently offer additional help as needed..." "I cannot imagine my transition here as smooth as it was without their motivation and dedication."

Dr. Gordon Keown Award

The Dr. Gordon Keown Award is to "recognize outstanding performance and dedication by a staff member of the Equine Division in providing exemplary care to patients and in supporting the efforts of clinical faculty".

Lethea Russell
"Her knowledge and abilities are only overshadowed by her dedication to the equine surgery service." "She is an invaluable resource for the section as she helps train both students/residents as well as faculty on occasion." "The highest praise I can give her is that she is 'a good woman in a storm', meaning when things are going bad, you want her in the room."

2013 Recipients

Galen Gorence

  Galen Gorence

School of Molecular Biosciences  Animal Care Facility Manager

" incredibly hard working employee who goes out of his way to ensure that the facilities he manages run as smoothly as possible...when problems arise, I can count on him to come to my door with solutions...resourceful and diligent...very professional and truly is a role model for all employee..."

Diana Olsen


Diana Olsen

WADDL  Medical Transcriptionist Lead

"...Diana is in the position where everyone else thinks she should know how to fix their problems, and most of the time she does!... all of the basic adjectives that describe a positive staff member – likable, respectful, sociable, skillful, adaptable, nurturing, conscientious, considerate, sympathetic, dedicated, dependable, thoughtful, etc., etc., etc...has a knack for helping to calm anxious or agitated clients with personal service that is empathetic to their concerns without compromising department policies..."

JoLynn Reno


JoLynn Reno

WADDL  Aquaculture

"...indispensable ...master at multi-tasking and managing her time efficiently...very conscientious of the importance of accuracy in her work and therefore her work is flawless...exemplifies "going above and beyond"...has a great team spirit..."

Kelli Williams


Kelli Williams

WADDL  Molecular Diagnostics

"...Kelli’s inspirational attitude makes our section an inviting place to work...infectious good-natured temperament is an inspiration to everyone in the lab...Kelli contributes heavily to our outstanding image nationally and worldwide. Our laboratory has an excellent reputation for service, and a great portion of this reputation can be attributed to Kelli’s efforts..."

Abby Scarlett

  Abby Scarlett

Keown Award for Outstanding Staff Member  

The Dr. Gordon Keown Award is to "recognize outstanding performance and dedication by a staff member of the Equine Division in providing exemplary care to patients and in supporting the efforts of clinical faculty".

Team Awards 2103

Anesthesia Technicians Anesthesia Technicians
Veterinary  Teaching Hospital

Mary Albi, Janel Bingman, Shelley Ensign, Shona Meyer, Nicole Valdez

"… offer exceptional care for each and every patient…The anesthesia technicians wrote the book on the words efficiency, conscientiousness, timeliness, job excellence, craftsmanship, and continuous improvement…As for ethical and professional behavior, our team is outstanding…They are an inspiration to faculty, residents, interns and students …"

IPN Staff Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN)

Becky Morton, Max Benson, Laura Kinslow,  Sue McLam, Bea O’Neill,  Bobbi Sauer,  Donna Sienkiewicz, Ty Simanson

"…were responsible for moving 24 research labs, an administrative office and a Vivarium from March –July 2013... all of this was over and above their administrative duties for which they also had to keep up as much as they could.  The teamwork and service that each of these nominees showed was amazing...they always had a smile on their face, a 'can do spirit', and work ethic that made the move successful..."


2012 Recipients

Trevor Alexandar   Trevor Alexandar
WADDL bacteriology and parasitology

"...has more enthusiasm than I can describe, which is very infectious to all those working with him...never is idle and will be the first one to volunteer to help others... an excellent model of the perfect employee..."
Lusha Evans   Lusha Evans

"...Her enthusiasm is contagious...very diplomatic, knows how to work with people to get maximum cooperation with no fuss... has a good perspective on problems, and has imaginative ideas to resolve them... She makes "above and beyond" sound too limiting..."
Jill Griffin   Jill Griffin
Administrative Manager Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health

"...very effective communicator and she is proving to be a strong team builder...she brings her creativity and resourcefulness to bear on every problem ...has a great amount of empathy that is required when supporting the complex and individual needs of the students who come from various different cultures and countries... the epitome of "Teamwork..."
Dena Melleck   Dena Melleck
WADDL Bacteriology

"...meticulous in her work ...will work above and beyond what is asked of her because she is proud of the finished to work with and brings a smile for everyone to enjoy..."


2011 Recipients

Marie Crossley    Marie Crossley
Ophthalmology technician
Veterinary Clinical Sciences

" far the hardest working technician I have known...has a smile on her face even when there is more work to do than time to do is limitless... willing to help when it is needed even after a full day of work-regardless of the service needing help ..."
Kathy Dahman    Kathy Dahmen
Administrative Manager
Veterinary Clinical Sciences

" innate ability to see a person’s qualities and sort through their strengths and weaknesses.  She immediately sets to work on capitalizing on strengths and strategizes ways to help others overcome their innate ability to see a person’s qualities and sort through their strengths and weaknesses.  She immediately sets to work on capitalizing on strengths and strategizes ways to help others overcome their weaknesses..."
    Denise Faerber
Finance Manager
School of Molecular Biosciences

"...instrumental in the successful management of the myriad of financial accounting instruments required to maintain SMB and meet the needs of 200 plus employees as well as meet the fiscal standards... inspires the rest of the staff with her work ethic and positive attitude...consummate team worker...leads by example"
    Bev Hunter
Research Technologist II 
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology/Global Animal Health

"...  highly flexible in her work and is focused on getting the job done... Her ethics are at the highest level—she ensures that all experiments are done correctly and in compliance with research regulations... She doesn’t do the work for the students but rather shows them how to do it and/or guides them to the resources that will provide the needed background..." 
Ryan Newcomer    Ryan Newcomer
Microbiologist I
WADDL Immunodiagnostics

"...In our laboratory section of perfectionist, it's my way or the highway personalities, we were really lacking the glue to make our machine stick together.  Ryan came along and is that glue.  He has bridged the gap between personalities and we all adore him... people are treated with the utmost respect and taken care of thoroughly by Ryan, presenting an excellent view of WADDL and of WSU to the outside world..."

2010 Recipients


  Shirley Elias
Research Tech III
Veterinary Microbiology & Pathology

"...She has the ability to go-with-the-flow in all situations, even under pressure and in unpleasant or unexpected circumstances... She actively engages her coworkers, has a pleasant demeanor and fun sense of humor...She is infinitely patient and positive in all circumstances. Through this she inspires all those around her...Teamwork is Shirley's middle name...always ready to help..."
  Barb Hodson
Academic Coordinator, Student Services

"Even under the most demanding of work conditions, Barbara maintains an incredible, positive attitude, which inspires others, including myself, to more effectively deal with extraordinary circumstances... Barb can be in the middle of any thought or conversation and as soon as a student walks in, her whole-hearted attention is directed to that person. There is nothing more important than her attention to those who walk in her office... She displays the most professional and positive attitude which is vitally important to the image of the College...ultimate team player..."
    Sue Jacobson
Coordinator, People-Pet Partnership

"..teaches PATH classes, writes grant applications and gives presentations to funding agencies...strong work ethic and sense of fiscal responsibility..Sue is careful to get the most value out of each dollar spent...provides guidance to people interested in becoming NARHA certified...empathy and tenacity...truly enjoys her job and  cares about the benefits riders gain from PATH and PATH to Success...does half to 2/3 of the horse care herself..."

  Laura Kinslow 
Fiscal Specialist I
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN)

"...friendliness draws people to her...No is not in her vocabulary...We need to clone Laura...Laura models the type of performance one would like in all their employees...willingness to do whatever needs to be done to make the department function...Laura is one of the reasons IPN is a fun and energizing place to work"

  Lisa Lujan
Academic Coordinator, Student Services

"Lisa exudes a tremendous level of pride in her work... amazing ability to remember names...not unusual for Lisa to assist students in other ways such as giving them a ride home, taking them to doctor's appointments or giving them advice on community services...Lisa performs her job to perfection...herding cats doesn't even come close to what Lisa manages to do on a daily basis...wonderful calming effect on the students who are often anxious regarding clinical scheduling...She is the poster child for the saying "Where there's a will, there's a way"..."

2009 Recipients

  Karen Hornfelt
Principle Assistant:
Clinical Communication Leadership & Cont Education Programs

...Karen has been autonomous and self motivated in an extraordinary manner since she walked in the door... I have never, let me say that again, NEVER, worked with an individual who had the professional competence, commitment, dedication AND positive can-do attitude that is embodied in Karen Hornfelt...
  Steve Leib
Scientific Associate
Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (VMP)

...His attention to detail and exemplary work ethic are an example to all who know and work with him...Steve is an outstanding research associate who contributes significantly to the productivity of several faculty members in the Department, as well as to the productivity of numerous other staff members and graduate students...
  Sue Pritchard
Research Technician II
Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (VMP)

Sue's performance of her routine duties has been exemplary, and I have come to just assume that complete reliability is a given...One of Sue's most outstanding qualities is one which is not really part of her job description – and which she gets no formal credit for: teaching. Over the years she has taught many graduate and undergraduate students how to do any number of types of experiments...

Not Pictured
Lisa McEwen
Patient Services Representative
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

...Lisa consistently goes "above and beyond" in her duties... She does work as a team player within the whole clinic and reaches beyond her position at the front to be sure work smoothly for clients, students and doctors. She makes everyone want to work together and she influences by her actions, not by standing around telling people what to do to be team players...

  Rachel Jensen
Large Animal Technician
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Gordon H. Keown Award for an outstanding staff member in the Equine division


2008 Recipients

  Theresa Pfaff
Program Specialist 2
Veterinary Clinical Sciences

...exceptional at what she does... knows when to lead and when to let others lead to build confidence and self-esteem...always friendly and has a laugh in her smile...
Eric Lautzenheiser

  Eric Lautzenheiser
Animal Care Manager

...loyalty and responsibility toward his assigned job are his strongest attributes...Eric is a pivotal person in the veterinary college's mission...displays genuine empathy for the animals in his care ...
Andrea Farmer

  Andrea Farmer
Development Officer

...has established herself as one of the rising stars on this campus... begins with a strong ethical background aimed at treating people the way she herself would want to be treated...has a dynamite personality that permeates the entire department... 
Dot Newkirk

  Dot Newkirk
Microbiologist II

...Loyal and dedicated are adjectives used to describe her work... the queen bee of the laboratory...unflinchingly provides support for all... well respected...
Lisa Orfe   Lisa Orfe
Associate in Research

...willingly embraces the betterment of those around her on a daily basis... has every quality you could ask for – she has advanced knowledge, incredible job skill, great teaching skills, and is also lots of fun to work with...routinely "thinks outside the box,"...

Nancy Bassman

Clinical Technologist I

...dedicated and loyal employee... trustworthy, honest and hardworking... Because of her patient and kind personality, she is often the first person the clinical pathology residents will ask if they have a question about anything in the laboratory.... makes you feel like you are the only person that matters...always smiling and ready to help. 
Jeanne Jensen  
Senior Publications Coordinator (Editor)

..highly motivated...unique mixture of above the best professionalism, humor and intelligence with attitude of protective and careful is highlighting my day and her positive thinking makes me more optimistic...

2007 Recipients


  Barb Robbins
Academic Coordinator

"...her level of dedication to all of the many jobs she does is truly exceptional...incredible patience and good humor...proactive...she is the institutional memory of the CVM..."

Barry Sewart
  Barry Seward
Finance Budget Coordinator

"...exemplary efficiency...constantly striving for excellence...his good cheer is infectious...goes above and beyond his job description..."
Betsy Wheeler
  Betsy Wheeler
Veterinary Technologist
Veterinary Clinical Sciences

"...quintessential model employee...inspiration of excellence in others...a wealth of medical knowledge...highest ethical quality..."
  Katie Baker
Microbiologist, Field Disease Investigative Unit

"...unfailingly cordial...she's phenomenal...possess a wealth of technical knowledge and skills...
Pam Colbert    Pam Colbert
Neuroscience Program Coordinator

"...highly conscientious..uncanny ability to make whomever she is with feel comfortable and valuable... one always feels motivated or uplifted after a visit with Pam..."

    Roland Munson
Veterinary Technician
Small Animal Medicine

"...flexibility is nothing less than miraculous...never seems to have a bad day...always willing to give a helping hand...a role model for others..." 

2006 Recipients

Stacey LaFrentz
  Stacey LaFrentz
Research Associate

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

"...willingness to tackle such a demanding position that requires an exhausting level of multi-tasking on a daily basis...desire for self-improvement.. excellent leadership...superb job of listening...positive attitude... "


Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell
Multimedia Coordinator

Biomedical Communications Unit

"...clients keep coming back because they are so pleased with the work he does...constantly carries a positive attitude and always has time for YOU...always upbeat & cheerful.. handles difficult situations with maturity and wisdom...keeps up with advances in video"

Sandi Brabb
  Sandi Brabb
Assistant Director

Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN)

"...absolutely of the hardest working, most loyal and committed staff...if the dictionary had a definition for above and beyond, it should have a picture of Sandi...virtually fearless...willing to take on almost anything and when she does it almost always succeeds..."


Christina Rockett

Christina Rockett
Continuing Education Coordinator

"...her tireless dedication to the job is unmatched...constant upbeat attitude is a daily reminder that the work here is done in a positive setting...she is caring...she is dedicated... she takes the time to see that all the details are met is a lot like your Mom...her selfless dedication to the job should stand as an inspiration to us all..."


                                                      Sally Anderson
Neurology Patient Care Coordinator & PSR

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)

"...outstanding organizational skills...very calm & collected...amazing ability of staying very composed and yet still very efficient under stressful situations...sets a great example...inspires us all to stay positive...takes initiative in trying to make our hospital a great working environment for everyone.."

2005 Recipients

Photos from the College of Veterinary Medicine Dean's Staff Advisory Committee BBQ/Picnic can be viewed online at

Dorri Guettinger   Dorri Guettinger
Finance Budget Manger

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

"...excellent work, an unwavering sense of ownership and responsibility, and a much appreciated positive attitude...Dori's commitment to excellence and her professional demeanor is an inspiration to us an equally outstanding human being who is am integral part of our community and a friend and advisor to many."



Lynne Haley


Lynne Haley
Associate Director of Development

Development & External Relations

"..She has proven to be an invaluable resource in analyzing potential new programs and has even worked to launch her own initiatives outside her traditional duties ... has demonstrated true leadership and decision making abilities... most critically, she has retained the most positive attitude you can imagine... no matter how busy she is she always stops what she's doing and takes time for individual assistance.."

Henry Moore   Henry Moore

Biomedical Communications Unit

"...If anyone in the college wants to know about digital cameras, digital color printing, black history, or good fishing... they seek out the expert: Henry Moore...He is outstanding at what he does, and loves his work with a passion...He is friendly, always upbeat, and always has a good word to say to those he meets... he handles difficult situations with maturity and wisdom... he learns fast and is not afraid to tackle new areas..."

Sue Zumwalt
Sue Zumwalt
Principal Assistant

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

"...Sue is an enthusiastic self starter... she is reliable and goes about her tasks, duties and responsibilities in an organized and efficacious manner... she deals with crises on a daily basis and meets the timelines for her various tasks, especially when they come in under very short notice, in an expeditious, conscientious, friendly and professional manner... She inspires excellence by her leadership among the staff who she supervises... she comes to work with a positive attitude and maintains it through the day irrespective of unfolding events ..."

Barb Robbins
Barb Robbins
Academic Coordinator

Office of Student Services

Barb was recognized for 30 years of service to the College of Veterinary Medicine. She manages and maintains student records for the professional DVM students in all four years of the program. She is involved with scheduling classes, curriculum issues, scholarships and awards, graduation requirements, and various other aspects of the academic side of the DVM program. She also coordinates  fourth-year rotations, externships, preceptorships and other related events.

2004 Recipients

Charlie Powell
Senior Communications Manager
Veterinary Development and External Relations (VDER) office

"For the past 15 or so years, Charlie has performed the work of many. He remains steadfast in his personal crusade to tell the story of the hard-working people within the College of Veterinary Medicine to as many people as possible. His own accomplishments are easily measured in the hundreds of publications and programs in which the stories can be found. Charlie's approach to communications is held as a model for a variety of organizations connected to WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine. First and foremost, he believes in telling the truth. He also believes in dropping everything at a moments notice when the opportunity arises to tell a story of this College. Check the time and date stamp on his email and you'll see evidence of a person who works outside the boundaries of the standard workday. But it is his resourceful imagination that constantly affects the work he does, and the work of others around him. He is constantly coming up with innovative ways to come up with solutions or easier ways to accomplish a task."


Jan Luft
Herds Manager

"She is one of the most efficient staff members on my team. Jan is always up to any challenge that comes her way. Jan is the first one to volunteer. She has great rapport with all of her co-workers, research staff and faculty and is effective in her communications. She has good team building skills and works hard to keep our team going in the right direction. She is very approachable, always having a smile and a laugh. She is very perceptive and sensitive to the feelings of others and is very professional in her attitudes and demeanor."


picture unavailable

Richard Brown
Lab Technician
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN)

"Richard appears to be a mainstay in the sleep research group.  He is one of the most upbeat and caring people that I know. He is a genuine inspiration to all he works with. He is patient and kind with co-workers and meticulous in his own performance. If ever there was a team builder Richard fits the bill to a "T". He is always building self-esteem and camaraderie among his co-workers in his lab and in the entire department. He is flexible and easy-going even on the worst of days or when his work load is especially heavy. Every person I know tries to do a good job and get their work done efficiently. What sets Richard apart in this arena, is his EXTRA effort beyond accomplishing his own tasks, in making the jobs of others more enjoyable and easier to accomplish. Richard makes the workplace a joy! "


Kurt Westensee
Technical Systems, Veterinary Information Systems

"Kurt exhibits a great attitude and commitment to his work and often works outside his normal job duties doing whatever it takes to get the job done and done right. His willingness to take on additional responsibilities has enabled him to make a significant contribution to the College. Kurt's can-do attitude and willingness to go "the extra mile" make him the one to call when there's a problem. Kurt's coworkers and managers depend upon him, whether it is to create a project, answer a difficult technical question, research a problem, suggest a new approach, talk out a difficulty or view "the big picture". His leadership, organizational, and communication skills are major assets to the College and our customers. Kurt is the most loyal and dependable employee I've enjoyed working with."


picture unavailable John Vander Schalie
Associate in Research

"John puts his competitive spirit into his work. He competes against himself to be as efficient as possible in completing tests to ensure the fastest turn around time for clients, while still maintaining accuracy." "When the workload is heavy... he maintains a positive attitude, sets priorities, and tackles the workload with an attitude of 'we'll do the best we can'. He is not afraid or unwilling to admit to his mistakes, modeling the highest ethical behavior. "John treats everyone with the same friendly manner.. He is always willing to teach others..."

Ms. Nancy L. Malcolm

For outstanding support, dedicated service, and exemplary commitment to the College of Veterinary Medicine, its deans, faculty and staff, and its many programs and services.

Congratulations Nancy, on a job well done! We thank you for your friendship, your indomitable sense of humor, your patience and all you have shared with us over these many years of distinguished service.

All of your many associates and friends extend their very best wishes to you and your family for continued success and happiness in your retirement and continued interaction with the college and its programs. November 17, 1980 - June 30, 2004

2003 Recipients

Laurie McDermott
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)

"Laurie is an excellent supervisor. She is hard working and always goes the extra mile to keep her department running. She is always friendly and attentive to customers. Laurie goes above and beyond for the hospital. Laurie is funny, outgoing, approachable, and makes it a pleasure to come to work. Laurie's sense of teamwork is exemplary. Laurie is an outstanding supervisor and employee unmatched in the university, and this organization is better off for having her around."
Melissa Krug
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (VMP)

"It is always a great pleasure to work with someone who can keep alert, is creative, and in good humor even when it seems that nothing is working. Melissa's greatest contribution is the excellent training and trouble shooting assistance that she provide for students and students from other labs. I have been awed by Melissa's positive attitude and professionalism. Many people would be overwhelmed by the vast array of responsibilities in our lab. Melissa sets an example as a team builder."

Ernie Motteram
Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU)

"Ernie is extremely conscientious in his job activities. He has excellent interpersonal skills, is an excellent communicator and is respected and liked by students, faculty and other staff. These interpersonal skills, and his range science and ranching background, allow an easy intercourse with ranchers and farmers and also provides agricultural non-veterinary inputs and insights to livestock problem investigations. His interaction with livestock producers is excellent, he is on a first name and relaxed basis with a large number of cattlemen, is recognized by them, and this is a major asset to the FDIU in its field activities. He has represented the FDIU and spoken to FDIU issues at the State Washington Cattlemen's Association Meeting when I have not been able to attend. He is an absolute enthusiast for the activities of the FDIU and the College of Vet Med in both formal and casual associations with livestock producers."
Katie McMenamin Snekvik
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

"Katie is a team player who adapts her schedule to the needs of others. She is good humored and even-tempered in a demanding job. In spite of her heavy workload, she always takes time out to help others and does this in a quiet, efficient and unassuming manner. She never discusses her personal accomplishments and doesn't seek public recognition so it is easy to take her efforts for granted, but this has not affected her positive attitude and strong work ethic. In my opinion, she is an example of the model employee. I wish we could clone her. Katie always shines with her positive, kind, innate good-natured outlook on life and people. Katie is an example of professionalism."
Chuck Royce
Biomedical Communications Unit

"He is friendly, always upbeat, and always has a good word to say to those he meets. Chuck is at the forefront of making it all happen. He handles difficult situations with maturity and wisdom. He learns fast and is not afraid to tackle new areas. For Chuck, every competitive challenge is an opportunity not just to survive, but to move ahead and thrive. Chuck doesn't sit on creative ideas. . . he puts them into practice, and makes the BCU work environment a better place."
  Alison McKiernan
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

"Alison's professionalism has always been above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect of her work. She is very meticulous in her work and has an incredible ability to manage her time to the utmost. Alison's inspiration to myself and to some of her coworkers lies in the fact that she has provided such a high quality of professional service for 25 years. Her positive attitude and unwavering approach sets a high precedence for us all. Above all, is the service she provides not only within the school, but to outside entities as well. The motivation to her work is fueled by the fact that she cares so much about what she does."


2002 Recipients

Debby Alperin
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (VMP)

"A collaborative spirit is one of the attributes that best characterizes Debby. This may be most apparent when you talk to the graduate students and numerous veterinary students who have worked in our lab the past 10 years. Not only do they have an obvious heartfelt affection for Debby, but they clearly respect her experience and advice..."

Dan Rice
Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU)

"Dan's personnel management is outstanding. He has identified quality employees for open positions and he has continued to develop their technical and leadership skills after they have been hired. The morale in the lab has been excellent.."

Connie Sakamoto
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)

"Connie is a diligent worker and an eternal optimist. Connie is competent and confident. She readily shares her experience to help others succeed in meeting their job responsibilities. She is incredibly humble about her skills and the impact of her contributions to the program.."

Charlene Teitzel
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

"Charlene's positive attitude and work ethic are some of her strongest attributes. I cannot recall a project/problem that I assigned to Charlene that was not completed/resolved in a timely manner and with a positive attitude- and this definitely rubs off on the other microbiologists whose work she coordinates..."

More Staff Awards

Sharne Houston
Paul Johnson
Emma Karel
Danielle Stanek

Sandra Bellinger
Daniel Bradway

Kathy Feldner-Booth
Rebecca Morton

Molly Loaiza
Mary Jo Hamilton

Rich Scott
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