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Voluntary BVD Control & Eradication

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Control and Eradication Project (BVDCEP)

Results from
2008 Spring Calving Season
BVD Control and Eradication Program Testing

**Subsidized testing for the BVD project is no longer available**

Samples can still be submitted to the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab for testing at normal lab prices.
Herds can still enroll in the control and eradication project, however, normal lab prices for testing will apply.
Call Dr. John Wenz (509)335-0773 with questions.

The BVD Control and Eradication Project (BVDCEP) is a joint effort of WSU Extension, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Animal Sciences and the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (WADDL) funded through WSU Extension’s Issue-focused Teams Initiative.  Working with producers and their veterinarians, the program will facilitate BVD control in cow-calf herds in part by subsidizing the cost of testing to identify BVD in your herd.

The goal of BVDCEP is to promote cow-calf herd health by facilitating implementation of infectious disease control Best Management Practices and herd screening for BVDV persistently infected (BVD-PI) animals to control and ultimately eradicate BVDV from Washington’s cow-calf herds.  The program also provides a means for basic and applied research on the prevalence of BVDV-PI animals in WA cow-calf herds, the economic impact of BVDV control at the cow-calf level and genetic resistance of cattle to BVDV.  BVDCEP also serves as the foundation for building a comprehensive WA Cattle Health Assurance Program to address the health concerns of the Washington Cattle Industry.

For more information contact: Dr. John Wenz (509)335-0773, Email-

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