College of Veterinary Medicine

Voluntary BVD Control & Eradication

Sampling Instructions

Collection Procedure

Please record the animals ear tag number on the “BVD Control and Eradication Project” accession form included in the sampling kit.

There is a separate “Calf Accession Form” and “Other Cattle Accession Form”
  • Use the “Calf” form for calves born this calving season. Only ID is necessary
  • Use the “Other Cattle” form for any other cattle on the operation being tested (bulls, yearlings, stockers etc).  Please record Age and Sex on the form.
2. Place a barcode sticker on the appropriate accession form to the left of the animal ID.  Place the second barcode sticker lengthwise on the sample tube.
**Be sure to use the same number barcode sticker on the sample tube and accession form for a single animal.  Note that pairs of stickers are easily identified by the black box to the left of the barcode.

Place on Accession Form    barcodes
Place on Sample Tube
Place on Sample Tube
Place on Accession Form
3. Collect ear notch sample from a clean ear        
The red arrows show the best places
ear notch

4. Transfer one ear notch from notcher to labeled tube using the plastic tweezers provided.

5. Rinse off ear notcher and tweezers in a mild disinfectant solution, then rinse in clean water prior to sampling the next animal.

6. Do not contaminate tissue sample with disinfectant or livestock tattoo ink.

7. Keep samples cool or in freezer prior to shipment.

8. Place ice packs included in kit in freezer 1 day before shipping.

Shipping Procedure

**Note if there will be more than 2 days from time of sampling to shipping store ear notch samples in the freezer.  If samples will be sent the next day refrigeration prior to shipping is adequate.
If you will be sampling over an extended period of time, store samples in the freezer and ship samples once you have enough to fill the mailer OR it has been 1 month since the first samples were taken.
1. Pack sample tubes into mailer the same way they arrived, with frozen ice packs. 

2. Place completed WADDL accession forms into the ziplock bag they came in and on top of styrofoam lid, under cardboard box lid.

3. Ship overnight Monday thru Thursday.  Store samples in freezer if necessary prior to shipping.

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Bustad Hall, RM. 155-N
Pullman, WA 99164-7424
Phone: 509.335.9696  Fax: 509.335.7424

Please notify Dr. John Wenz when you have sent the samples 509.335.0773 or
We will contact you with test results as soon as they are available (generally within 7 business days of receipt.  Please contact Dr. John Wenz if you need sample results sooner.

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