College of Veterinary Medicine

Voluntary BVD Control & Eradication

Information for Veterinarians

Your role as herd veterinarian will be critical to the success of this project.  We are requesting your assistance enrolling your client herds in the project and working with those herds to perform an operation risk assessment and implement infectious disease control best management practices as well as ear notch sample the herd for BVDV persistent infection (BVD-PI) testing.

Your participation in the BVDCEP will require you to become “Certified”.  Certification is a simple process that involves a 50 minute on-line CE course covering the basics of BVD, testing strategies and the components of the project for which you can receive 1 CE credit. 

To become certified and participate in the project

  1. Email  to obtain an access code for this course.
  2. After obtaining the access code, you will register for the Veterinarian Certification CE Course
  3. Once you have registered, START COURSE   (you will login using your email address and self-selected password)

If you do not wish to obtain CE credit for the certification course or do not have access to high-speed internet and would like to receive the certification course in the mail,  please email to request the materials.


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