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Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association 

The HSVA at Washington State University was formed in October of 2008

Parent Organization

Constitution   Jan 2009


President: Adrienne Berthot
President-elect: Morina Pierce
Vice President: Maxine Koyanagi
Secretary: Cassie Hosington
Treasurer: Megan Esarelli


  • To promote the humane treatment of animals through discussion and presentation of relevant topics, field trips, volunteerism, and other forms of advocacy.
  • To raise awareness of animal welfare issues, especially as they pertain to veterinarians and veterinary students.

Past Events

  • Club BBQ
  • HSVMA Field Services Presentation by Amy Joynt and Nicole Putney They will discuss their experience with Rural Area Veterinary Services and how to become involved in the program as a student or clinician.
  • Lecture by Lorrie Kalmbach-Ehlers of Bulls Eye Rescue    Lorrie spoke about the BullsEye rescue which is a registered charity in WA state.  They run an Adopt-A-Bull Program as well as the Responsi-Bull Project which offers free spay and neuter, responsible pit bull owner workshops, and obedience classes for pit bills and their owners.
  • Lecture by Prison Pet Partnership Representative came to describe their organization which uses prisoners in Gig Harbor to train shelter dogs as service animals.  This is used as both a rehabilitation method for prisoners as well as a service to the community in providing service animals and homes for shelter animals.
  • Lectures by HSVMA:
    Doing Well While Doing Good:  How to make a living while providing the community with humanitarian services. 
  • Spay Before They Stray:  The Benefits of Early-Age Sterilization

  • OPEN HOUSE table  Submission of Mutt Pictures The HSVMA made a calendar titled Mutt of the Month featuring WSU student’s adopted dogs!  Proceeds  go to the Whitman County Shelter

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