College of Veterinary Medicine

Raptor Club & Rehabilitation Program

Past Resident Raptors


Charlie Red Tailed Hawk

Radar is a  hybrid between a
prairie and a gyr falcon
Transferred to Wings of Discovery in CA
Pilot peregrine falcon

Dalton Rough-Legged Hawk
Passed away in 2011
Windsong Sharp-Shinned Hawk
Passed away in 2012

Gwendolyn Screech Owl
Passed away in 2013
Cuare  Saw-Whet Owl

Passed away June 2010

Piper Peregrine Falcon
Passed away June 2010

Rio Swainson’s Hawk
Passed away November 2010
Casper Sarah Ophelia
Casper Flammulated Owl Sarah Saw Whet Owl
Passed away in 2004
Ophelia Northern Harrier

Kringle  Great Grey Owl Lady Winston Great Horned Owl
Passed away in 2004
Quiggly Red Tailed Hawk
Passed away in 2004

Paco Great Horned Owl
Passed away in November 2007
Taro American Kestrel
Passed away in the summer of 2007
Stevie Barn Owl
Passed away in Summer 2007

Dot Western Screech Owl

Tiki  common barn owl

Toby Great Horned Owl


Sovah- Released
Serena- New Home at Point Defiance Zoo
Sage-New Home at an Education Center
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