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The Small Ruminant Club focuses on caprine, ovine, and camelids. Our goals are to generate interest in small ruminants, offer hands-on opportunities that will supplement the CVM curriculum, and provide skills that will be beneficial to members both now and in the future. We plan several lunch-time lectures on animal husbandry and diseases every semester. Wet lab topics include but are not limited to reproduction, hoof trimming, animal handling, industry topics, and necropsy



President: Melissa Steinmetz
President Elect: Amber Conway
Vice President: Sarah Jarvis
Public Relations: Lena LeFlame
Treasurer: Alison DurandSecretary: Raquel McBride

Advisor: Dr Steve Parish



Rounds are held in the Ag animal area of the hospital when interesting cases are presented to the clinic. Members are informed via email when the rounds will take place, usually during the noon hour. We discuss small ruminant cases and events dealing with the production cycle as it correlates to the time of year, such as body condition scoring, flushing, and gestation.


  • Ultra Sound
  • Hoof Trimming with CVM herd
  • Handling and restraint
  • Kidding/Lambing
  • Necropsy/Post Mortem Exam- Castrations

Diagnostic Opportunities

Dr. Parish will assist club members individually with performance of a physical exam. Lab data will be provided and the club members will work through the case. After time is given to analyze the presenting complaints (a few weeks) the club will meet and decide on a diagnosis for the case.


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