Purebred Cats

"Earl Grey" and Kyle with their ribbon "Flyingcats Purrfect Gem (Rapunzal)" and Catherine with their three ribbons
First Best Purebred
"Earl Grey" and Kyle
blue point Siamese 9mo male/neutered
Second Best Purebred
"Flyingcats Purrfect Gem (Rapunzal)"
and Catherine
blue-eyed white Sphynx 5yr female
"Tanglewoods Glacier" and Jessa with their ribbon "Kittymews Lily Munchkin of Flyingcats" and Catherine with their ribbon
Third Best Purebred
"Tanglewoods Glacier" and Jessa
spotted tabby Bengal 3yr male/neutered
Fourth Best Purebred
"Kittymews Lily Munchkin of Flyingcats"
tortie lynx point with white Munchkin 4yr female
owner: Catherine
"T.C.G.A. Flyingcats Hollywood Star of Ankhamun 'Holly'" and Greg with their ribbon
Fifth Best Purebred
"T.C.G.A. Flyingcats Hollywood Star of
Ankhamun ‘Holly’" blue point Sphynx 3yr
female/spayed, owner: Greg

cougar head

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