Non-Tabby Short-Haired Cats

"Elwood" and Tina with their ribbon "Uncus" and Susan with their ribbon
First Best non-Tabby
"Elwood"and Tina
black and white 1yr male/neutered
Second Best non-Tabby
"Uncus" and Susan
black 3yr male/neutered
"Indigo Jones" and Barb with their ribbon "Amicus Lila Jane" and Sherri with their ribbon
Third Best non-Tabby
"Indigo Jones" owner, Barb
Fourth Best non-Tabby
"Amicus Lila Jane" and Sherri
lilac point Siamese 1yr female
"Gizmo" and Sara with their ribbon
Fifth Best non-Tabby
"Gizmo" and Sara
tortoise shell 3yr female/spayed

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