Special Categories

Most Aristocratic
"Sidney" and Tina
ruddy Somali 5yr female/spayed
People's Choice
"Cotton" and Gerald
white Persian 5mo male
Most Impressive Tail
"Kiki"and Ralph
tabby Maine Coon,10yr male/neutered
Longest Wiskers
"Ty" and Patti
chocolate point Siamese 4yr male/neutered
Fluffiest Cat
"Jasmine" and Maria
seal point Himalayan 7yr female/spayed
Friendliest Cat
Gypsy Rose" and Linda
calico, 8 mo female
Biggest Nose
"Earl Grey" and Kyle
blue point Siamese 9mo male/neutered
Best Purr
Serena"and Dorothy
brown tabby 4yr female/spayed
Oldest Cat
"Tippy" and Jessie
18yr female/spayed tabby
Best Markings
"Sprite"and Terry
torbie and white 6mo female/spayed
Most Toes
"Griffey" and Tamara
cream and black, 7mo male
Most Appropriate Name
Biggest Ears
"Flyingcats Purrfect Gem (Rapunzal)"
and Catherine
blue-eyed white Sphynx 5yr female
Longest Tail
"The Big Dude" and Crystal
orange tabby 2yr male/neutered
Happiest Cat
"Smokey the Bandito" and Lance
gray and white 1yr female/spayed
Cuddliest Cat
"Meeko" and Jessie
cream and gray 1yr male/neutered
Fuzziest Toes
"T.C.G.A. Flyingcats Hollywood Star of
Ankhamun ‘Holly’" and Greg
blue point Sphynx 3yr femal/spayed
Best Pet-Owner-Look-Alike
"Peanut" with Catie and Amber
Most Personality
"Tanglewoods Glacier" with Jessa
spotted tabby Bengal 3yr male/neutered

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