Tabby Cats

"Tanglewoods Glacier" and Jessa with their ribbon "Claude" and Joy with their ribbon
First Best Tabby
"Tanglewoods Glacier" and Jessa
spotted tabby Bengal 3yr male/neutered
Second Best Tabby
"Claude" and Joy
spotted tabby 4yr male/neutered
"CHA Flyingcats and He is Purrfect of Ankhamun 'Andy'" and Tracy with their ribbon "Smokey" and Sara with their ribbon
Third Best Tabby
"CHA Flyingcats And He Is Purrfect of
Ankhamun ‘Andy’" and Tracy
blue tabby Sphynx 1yr male/neutered
Fourth Best Tabby
"Smokey" and Sara
Blue Tabby, 1yr, male/neutered
"Peanut" , Catie, and Amber with their ribbon
Fifth Best Tabby
"Peanut" and Catie and Amber

cougar head

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