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  Student Chapter of the AAFP Spring 2003 Photo Contest
  Sponsored by Purina Click on Photo for larger view
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Most Artistic

Maryam Salt, Mia

Tammy McNamara, Montana
Cutest Kitten

Dan Hicks, Willow

 Lorraine Tanaka, Titer

Julie Zimmerman, Gidget
Best Friends
Not Available
Tim Johnson, Scrumpy & Milena
Not Available
Caroline Benoist, Mouse & Foster kitten

S. Allweiler, Lincoln & Oscar
Not Available
Deb Capper
Most Humorous

Xenia Zawadzkas, Hans

Julie Zimmerman, Lilac & Webster

Most Adventurous/Playful/Curious

Melissa Devault

Lorraine Tanaka, Titer & Wan

Lorraine Tanaka, Misty
Lazy Cat

Lorraine Tanaka, Titer

Lynn Healy, Hank
Cutest Nature Cat

Jen Barich, Hobbes

Tammy McNamara, Montana
Best Artwork    A first place tie

Annette Darcey

Xenia Zawadzkas

Kids: Julie Christian

Most Sophisticated

Sandra Allweiler, Lincoln
A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Shannon Williams, Hayze
Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Stacey Aitken, K.J.
Cutest Holiday Cat

Malena Arzivu, Clyde
Cutest Chronic Renal Failure Cat

Jen Barich, Snow

Cutest Hyperthyroid

Lisa Hedman, Morris
People's Choice Award

Maryam Salt, Mia
Not Available
Tim Johnson Scrumpy & Milena
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Revised December 19, 2003
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