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In February 1998 the Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) sponsored a photography contest open to the students and staff of the College of Veterinary Medicine. The subject was DOGS. Purina Pet Food Company provided the prizes. There were awards made in the following categories:

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Best Mutt: Josh Sosnow

cutemutt.jpg (23101 bytes)

Most Unusual: Pat Knigge

unusual.jpg (44350 bytes)

Best Outdoor Dog: Karen Davies

outdoor.jpg (47830 bytes)

Cutest Dog: Liz Valles Littmann

cute.jpg (43670 bytes)

Most Tolerant of a Feline: Denali Lovely

feline.jpg (31244 bytes)

Best Friends: Sarah Fryer

friends.jpg (44906 bytes)

Most Obedient: Sheila Kilponen

obiedent.jpg (47288 bytes)

Dog-Owner Look A Like: Karyn Cocheba

owner1.jpg (36203 bytes)

Funniest Dog: Jody Hicks

funny1.jpg (26734 bytes)

Sleepiest Dog: Sarah Sampson

sleep1.jpg (37113 bytes)

Most Artistic: Kim Robbins

art1.jpg (24039 bytes)

Best Puppy: Keri Morgan

pup1.jpg (23866 bytes)

Most Athletic: Wendy Barrett

athlete1.jpg (27318 bytes)

Best Indoor: Chris Schneider

indoor1.jpg (35454 bytes)


Most Beautiful: Sean Sanders

beauty1.jpg (40480 bytes)

People's Choice First Place: Margo Mehl

people1.jpg (32872 bytes)

People's Choice Second Place: Jake Lynch

people2.jpg (37362 bytes)

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See the 1997 photo contest winners

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