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President: Teri Martindale
President Elect: Maxine Koyanagi
Secretary: Rebecca Schuermeyer
Treasurer: Hannah Bigelow

Advisor: Dr. Debbie Barton

Student Chapter Objectives

  • To advance the study of animal behavior.
  • To provide veterinary students with educational opportunities in animal behavior and related subjects.
  • To make available to student chapter members an affiliation with the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior (AVSAB).
  • To enhance leadership characteristics in its members through organization as a student club.
  • To provide behavior-related educational opportunities to the general public.

Annual Events

  • ADOPT-A-DOG program in conjunction with the Whitman County Humane Society. This is a program designed to help teach students about basic animal training and behaviors. Students work with the shelter animals in order to help make them more adoptable.
  • The Behavior Information Table, held during the Veterinary College’s Open House (usually in April), provides behavior and club-related information to the college and the general public.

Other Activities

  • Plans for 2011-2012 include talks on basic animal handling in: Small animal, Ag animal and Equine practice, common behavior problems you will face as a veterinarian and how to address these problems. Those interested may learn new skills and get to participate in the ADOPT-A-DOG training program at the local animal shelter. The ADOPT-A-DOG program is designed to help future veterinarians understand the most common behavioral problems encountered in practice and how to correct them. We also hope to get hands on training sessions to learn how to prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Our main goal this year is to give students as much hands on experience as possible!
  • We sponsor a wide variety of lectures and workshops for club members. Recent offerings have included temperament testing of shelter dogs, behavior issues in shelter medicine, and promotion of safe interactions between children and pets
  • We are planning to get the Therapy Dog Program up and running in the community. This allows students to get the Canine Good Citizen Certification for their dogs with hopes to take the dogs out to community venues and teach about safety as well as provide companionship.
  • We will also plan some new fundraisers and try to attend the yearly American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior (AVSAB) conference. Have ideas? We are always looking for help! Contact us and get involved if you are at all interested in learning about animal behavior. No experience or background neccessary!

Past Club Activities

  • Dog training seminar free for AVSAB members.
  • Common pet behavior problems, a lecture series.
  • CGC certification training practice.

Membership is open to all students, and we accept members year-round. Club dues are $8 per year, pro-rated during spring semester. Club meetings are open to anyone, but some lectures and special events are restricted to dues-paying members.


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