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American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA) 


Matt Sammons Class of 2016 President      


SCAVMA is represented every year at the Student AVMA Educational Symposium held in the spring and the AVMA convention in the summer.
  • The 2014 SAVMA Symposium was hosted by Colorado State University, and was attended by 36 students from WSU.  8 of those students were from our Utah State University campus.  There were many great wet labs including equine reproduction, small animal surgery, emergency preparedness, and sports medicine.   One of the many highlights were lectures by Temple Grandin.  Students were able to enjoy a taste of old town Fort Collins’ food, dancing and night life.  WSU had many great teams compete in several different events, placing 1st in Volleyball, 1st in Radiology, 2nd in Tug-O-War, and 4th overall in team school competition.  WSU was well represented by the students that attended.
  • 2013 symposium held at Louisiana State University was attended by 26 students.  Events included a tiger tailgate, and a crawfish boil. Over 1300 students from veterinary schools across the U.S were in attendance. The WSU team took 2nd place in the SAVMA Challenge competition and received recognition for being 1 of 6 schools with 100% conversion from SAVMA/SCAVMA to AVMA membership.
  • 2012 symposium was hosted by Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine located in West Lafayette IN. 15 students were able to attend where activities consisted of amazing wet-labs, fun day lectures and even a St. Patrick's day celebration. The closing Gala on the last day of symposium featured Temple Grandin who helped to present SAVMA awards and who gave a short speech on the role her work has played in veterinary medicine.
  • 2011 59 WSU students attended the SAVMA Symposium at UC Davis
  • 2010 49 WSU students attended the SAVMA Symposium at Wisconsin
  • 2009  30 WSU students attended the SAVMA Symposium at Ohio State
  • 2008 38 WSU students attended the SAVMA Symposium at Auburn
  • 2007 48 WSU students attended the SAVMA Symposium at North Carolina
  • 2006 at Minneapolis, 56 students attended, Winning Teams
  • 2005 at Texas A & M, 49 students attended: Winning Teams
  • 2004 at Tennesee, Winning Teams
  • 2003 at Georgia, Winning Teams
  • 2002 at Colorado, 74 students attended SAVMA Symposium 2002
  • 2001 at Iowa, 24 students attended
  • SAVMA Symposium 2000 winning teams
  • in 1999 the symposium was hosted by WSU Photo Gallery of SAVMA Symposium 1999
  • 1998 at Florida, 46 students attended
  • 1997 at Purdue, 28 students attended
  • 1996 in Oklahoma, WSU sent a total student representation of 25.
  • 1995 at Illinois, WSU was represented by 11 educational team competition members
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