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SAVMA Symposium March 2007 North Carolina State University

48 WSU students attended the SAVMA Symposium this year.

WSU SCAVMA 2007 Awards & Recognitions

Academic and Athletic Competitions:
1st in Equine Dentistry – both individual and team
2nd in Avian Jeopardy
2nd in Bar Trivia
2nd in Basketball
3rdDr. Steve Hines was acknowledged with the Teaching Excellence Award. He will receive the award at the AVMA Convention in Washington DC.

Kimberlee Zahller was given an externship award for her upcoming research on keratoconjunctivitis in reindeer this summer in Alaska.

Laurie Johnson’s proposal for the use of a willed body program at WSU was recognized to promote the Human Animal Bond and/or Animal Welfare.

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