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SCAVMA Policy and Procedures

1. Calendars There should be two calendars posted on the SCAVMA bulletin board: one listing executive board meetings and one listing general meetings. They need to be updated at the beginning of each month and as is appropriate as new events are scheduled. 

2. Open House The organization of the annual spring open house is the responsibility of the president-elect. Please refer to the president-elect job description for specific details pertaining to the necessary arrangements. 

3. Member Reinstatement If a member in “bad” standing wishes to be reinstated to good-standing they must perform two of the three mentioned tasks in addition to paying their dues on time: 1. Volunteer for an hour at the open house or 2. silent auction or 3. assist in the cleaning of Bustad 145 including the table tops (or other room where a SCAVMA meeting was held) after a general meeting.

4. Elections Elections are the duty of the national delegates and President-elect.  Please refer to their job description for specific procedures and responsibilities pertaining to elections. 

5. December/Summer Contact Prior to extended school holidays a list of the current officers, a phone number, and an address where they can be reached over the holiday should be collected. Additionally, an officer that is staying in the area for the holiday/break needs to be appointed as the “SCAVMA Contact”. This person’s name will be given to Barb and Dr. Dhein given any emergency or pertinent SCAVMA business comes up, there will be a responsible party available. If no one will be in town then copies of the phone number and address list must be given to Barb and Dr. Dhein so they can contact the appropriate officer in the event of an emergency. 

6. Officer Training Session A final executive board meeting will be held with the old officers when the election of new officers has taken place. This meeting will serve as an “officer training session”. Both the outgoing and incoming officers will be present. The normal meeting agenda will be suspended and instead officers will meet with their counterpart and go over the job description with the new officer. This will serve as a question and answer period for the new officer as well. At this meeting the exchange of any necessary materials will take place (such as master attendance lists).

7. Club Recognition A club will be recognized by SCAVMA under the following guidelines: 

  • Current mission statement, club description, list of officers, and list of events and activities submitted to SCAVMA 
  • have a Faculty advisor
  • Participation in the Spring Open House
  • A bank account in the club name with a current ledger
  • Back ledgers stored in the SCAVMA office 
  • Approval by a majority vote of the general SCAMVA membership (one time only) 

Any recognized club will receive the following benefits:

  • The club may receive yearly funds from SCAVMA
  • Use of SCAVMA resources
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