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From the American Veterinary Medical Association

1. Reduced Subscription Rates to AVMA Journals

Keep abreast of the trends, research, and issues impacting the veterinary profession by reading the Journal of the AVMA (JAVMA) and the American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR). The AVMA provides all SAVMA members a reduced rate subscription to the printed and online editions of the JAVMA and AJVR.

Journal of the AVMA
Subscription to the JAVMA (24 issues per year) is offered to student chapter members at a reduced rate (¼ subscriber's cost). Each year's subscriptions are for 12 months, are requested through the student chapter in October, and start with the January 1 issue. Only at the chapter's request in special circumstances will subscriptions be accepted after the original order has been received. Subscribers should advise the AVMA headquarters of address changes 3 weeks prior to the effective date.

American Journal of Veterinary Research
Student chapter members may also subscribe for a full year to the AJVR (12 issues per year) at a reduced rate.

2. Complimentary Subscription to Student Chapters

The AVMA will provide, at no cost, a subscription of the JAVMA and AJVR to each school's veterinary library. The AVMA also provides 2 free copies of the annual AVMA Directory to each school's veterinary library and 4 copies to each Student Chapter.

Student Chapters, SAVMA Executive Committee, Delegates and Alternates also annually receive complimentary copies of the AVMA Membership Directory & Resource Manual.

3. Loans

The AVMA Auxiliary has established a student loan fund administered by the AVMA Foundation. Loans are available to junior and senior veterinary students. The interest rate is 3%. Information is available at under Student Loan Fund. Loans are for $5,000 per year (up to $10,000 maximum).

4. Insurance

Student chapter members may purchase medical insurance and group term life insurance through the AVMA Group Life Insurance Trust (GHLIT). The AVMA Professional Liability Insurance Trust (PLIT) also offers malpractice coverage for students who are engaged in externship or preceptorship programs with veterinarians who are insured by the trust. New graduates may apply for disability, hospitalization, life, and malpractice insurance to be effective at the same time as their AVMA membership. Chapter membership is determined for insurance eligibility from the computer listing that is submitted by the Chapter each fall.

5. Career Development Center: AVMA Veterinary Career Center

For student chapter members (especially senior students):

Free to student members, this service allows you to post your resume and have it matched with potential employers who have registered and posted jobs on the site. This is your primary resource for real time information and opportunity for current job openings in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

In addition, the Veterinary Career Center office team is ready to answer your questions about starting salaries and benefits, as well as emerging career opportunities for veterinarians.


 or call 1-800-248-2862, ext. 6683 for more information.

Web-based AVMA Mentoring Center

Recognizing the need for mentoring throughout our careers, the AVMA has developed the AVMA Mentoring Center This unique Web-based Mentoring Center powered by Open Mentoring TM is designed to:

  •  Enhance personal and professional growth
  •  Build support networks
  •  Invest in the future of the veterinary profession

The AVMA Mentoring Center utilizes Open Mentoring to guide mentees through:

  •  Assessing their development needs
  •  Finding suitable mentors from a dynamic database
  •  Building relationships with other veterinarians

AVMA and SAVMA members participate as both mentors and mentees, sharing their knowledge and experience, and learning from others in the AVMA Mentoring Center.

Veterinary Career Center

The Veterinary Career Center (VCC), the veterinary profession’s premier online employment Web site at, offers SAVMA members the ability, at no cost, to:

  •  Browse through hundreds of current open positions 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week
  •  Post resumes, making them available to hundreds of employers
  •  Take advantage of the VCC’s personalized e-mail notification agent
  •  Alerts you by e-mail of new job postings that meet your specific search criteria

The VCC is available to students at various veterinary conferences. At these conferences, students can utilize the VCC’s newest resource– the Online Career Fair Module. This tool allows SAVMA members to schedule job interviews with potential employers who are also attending that particular conference. Finally, the VCC office team is ready to answer your questions about starting salaries and benefits, as well as emerging career opportunities for veterinarians.

6. AVMA Student Chapter Certificates for Graduates

In recognition of their membership, members in their student chapter may, at graduation, receive a student chapter certificate. Each chapter determines the students who are to receive the certificates. The AVMA provides the parchment paper certificates at a minimal cost. Certificates are usually presented at the final chapter meeting of the year, or at an awards ceremony.

7. Automatic Free AVMA Membership

Upon graduation, SAVMA members in good standing at their student chapters will be granted membership to the AVMA at no cost for the remainder of that year. Additionally, graduates will enjoy the following:

  • Two years of reduced membership rates –saving up to $195 over three years
  •  A certificate for one free registration to the AVMA Annual Convention which may be used within 5 years of graduation.

8. Material for Career Days, Field Days, or Open Houses

Most student chapters conduct or participate in annual programs at their college that permit the public to view the training program for veterinarians. High school students interested in the veterinary profession often request career information to be used for future reference. The AVMA has available career material such as the booklet, "Today's Veterinarian," and films such as "Veterinary Medicine: Caring For The Future," "Tomorrow's Veterinarian," "The Zoo Veterinarian," and others.

9. AVMA - Government Relations Division (GRD) Externships

The GRD is offering 4-week long student externships for SCAVMA members at their office in Washington, DC. It offers unique opportunities to learn about, and participate in, federal legislative and regulatory processes. For information call April Demert at 1-800-321-1473, ext. 3205, or e-mail:

10. AVMA Student Externship Stipend Program

The AVMA Externship Stipend program offers second through four year SAVMA members the opportunity to broaden their educational experiences outside private practice by participating in externships in public and corporate employment settings. For an application and additional information, call 1-800-248-2862, ext.6681 or email:

11. Additional Benefits

  • Personal Student Chapter membership card that allows student access to "Members Only" areas within the AVMA web site.
  • Eligible to apply for various grants, scholarships, and awards from the various SAVMA Committees. Refer to the Student AVMA web page at or contact your school’s SAVMA Delegates for more information.
  • Automatic membership in the International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA)
  • Access to the Vet Gazette, the SAVMA Online Veterinary Publication
  • As a student, free registration to the AVMA Annual Convention through your 4th year of veterinary school.

From the WSU Student Chapter of the AVMA

  • Grants for travel to externship and education related events for up to $400 per year per student.
  • Free cap and gown for graduation.
  • Eligible for free travel to SAVMA Annual Educational Symposium.
  • Discount of 10% at SCAVMA Student Bookstore.
  • Eligible for membership in SCAVMA-approved clubs.
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