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SAVMA 2005

SAVMA Symposium Team and Individual Competition Results at Texas A&M in March 2005

WSU competed in all the academic and athletic competitions and we took home the Gold Medal for the Veterinary School Olympics which means that WSU received more points than all the other veterinary schools.

Equine Dentistry 1st place- Team Members: Dora Reeves 07, Kurt Selberg 07, and Kevin Ballard 06
Kevin Ballard also won 3rd place overall as an individual in Equine Dentistry

Microbiology/Parasitology 2nd place - Team Members: Noelani Reinker 06, and Maren Connolly 06

Noelani won the 1st place individual in Microbiology/Parasitology competition

Exotics Radiology 2nd place - Team Members: Shea Miller 08, and Geoff Goebel 07

Hattie Kugler 2nd place individual in Freshman Anatomy
Chadwick Hunt 3rd place individual in Freshman Anatomy

Holly Alhgrim 07, 4th place in the Research Competition

Recreational Sports 2nd place in Darts- Hailey Gentile 07, Geoff Goebel 07

First Place Overall School- Veterinary School Olympics Gold Medal!!

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