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SAVMA Symposium 2000

Hello everybody. On behalf of the 2000 SCAVMA Symposium academic teams, I would like to thank you for your generous support both financially and educationally. Thanks to your efforts each student that attended symposium this year of fully funded. As a result of our attendance there, we once again proved why Washington State University is one of the top veterinary schools in the nation. The following are the results of the academic competitions and the team members:

Bovine Palpation - 2nd place overall
Carmen Ames - 2nd place as an individual
Brian Voortman
Dan Butterfield

Freshman Anatomy - 1st place overall
Maura Connolly - 3rd place as an individual
Keri Luft
Dani Munson

Exotics - 2nd place overall
Liz Helmer
Darice Henry-Ford

Equine Aging - 2nd place overall
Jill Quade - 2nd place as an individual
Emily Knopf - 3rd place as an individual
Dan Oman

SAVMA Challenge
Kelly O'Malley
Jason Humphery
Carl Johnson
Wendy Barrett
Heather Massey

Worms and Germs
Scott Duston
Jason Strope

Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you next year for the 2001 Symposium.

Fred Robinson, Jr.
SCAVMA National Delegate

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