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Chris Chapman, Ph.D and Anne LaFrance, LMHC

Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine Counseling and Wellness Department helps veterinary and graduate students maintain overall wellbeing by providing a safe, supportive and confidential counseling environment in which to address personal, interpersonal, academic and career concerns. The Department is staffed with licensed counseling professionals. Information shared with the counselors remains confidential according to Washington Law and the ethical code of the American Psychological Association.

Counseling for Personal, Couples’ and Interpersonal Development

Our services and website self-help resources are designed to help students to successfully manage personal issues and interpersonal and professional relationships. We invite you to contact a counselor for free, confidential individual or couples’ counseling when needed. Some students seek a single consultation, and others may see a counselor for a few sessions or more. We work from a wellness model, which emphasizes developing individual strengths and resources with which to address common developmental concerns, in time-limited counseling. For students who have more serious circumstances and need more intensive treatment, we are happy to provide referrals to community therapists or WSU Counseling and Testing Services. A CVM counselor may provide “check-ins” during work with an outside primary counselor if needed. Please feel free to schedule a consultation if you are unsure if counseling would be helpful for your particular concern. To schedule an appointment, contact Anne LaFrance, LMHC at , 335-4607

Academic Counseling

We offer counseling, workshops, and website resources (below) designed to help veterinary and CVM graduate students develop the skills necessary to succeed throughout their programs. These services and resources include help with study, time management and test taking skills. Resources for thesis and dissertation writing are also provided on this website. We encourage students to seek help promptly, so that they can succeed with less stress and better grades from the start.

Career Counseling

We offer counseling and website resources for resume writing, job search, and interviewing to help veterinary and graduate students prepare for life after graduation.

Counseling emergencies / Urgent after-hours appointments

 If you have a counseling emergency, please contact WSU Counseling and Testing Services at (509) 335-4511 from 8 am -5 pm week days, or at (509) 335-2159 after hours, weekends, and holidays. 



CVM Counseling and Wellness Services also offers workshops each semester on topics such as study and test taking skills, test anxiety, resume writing, job search, and helping couples at WSU or in long-distance relationships survive and thrive.  Students are welcome to request workshops on other topics, provided others are interested.

Website Self-Help Resources

The information contained in these self- help resources below is not to be used as a substitute for professional care. Neither the authors, Washington State University, nor the College of Veterinary Medicine assume liability for injury incurred by following the information presented in these self-help documents.

Mental Health & Relationships

Career, Job Search & Graduate Student Resources

Study Skills, Time Management & Test Anxiety

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