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Studying: What Works What Doesn't Research-based article from Scientific American.

Learning, Memory, and Study Skills Research articles Daniel Willingham, Science and Education Blog—excellent research-based articles on how to improve your learning methods

Study Skills For DVM Students

Study Skills WS Handout

Cornell Note Taking

Becoming a Master Student Dave Ellis. Free e-book download of recommended text for incoming DVM and graduate students

Study Tips & Advice for Graduate Students

YouTubes of Veterinary Anatomy These resources have not been recommended or checked by CVM faculty for accuracy. They are meant as examples only.

University of Minnesota Carnivore Anatomy Dissections

Student Study Strategies for Anatomy I Information from CVM Anatomy students who achieved substantial grade improvements by altering their study methods.

Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary Online

Is Rereading a Good Study Strategy? Faculty Focus: Higher Ed Teaching Strategies

Top 10 Memory Improvement Tips

Improve Your Concentration

Procrastination: Articles from

Time Management Numerous resources: a quiz, common time management mistakes, prioritization and organizational tools

Managing Test Anxiety Strategies for graduate health sciences.

The Test Anxiety Inventory Take this quiz to learn whether you have test anxiety and would benefit from counseling to manage it.

Mental Health & Relationships

Career, Job Search & Graduate Student Resources

Study Skills, Time Management & Test Anxiety

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