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Dr Richard Wescott Parasitology Lectures

Dr. Richard WescottThis series of slide presentations on animal parasites was prepared by Dr. Richard Wescott and is made available in his memory.

The lectures were prepared from slide and audio tape sets created in 1982. The majority of the content is still accurate although the nomenclature of some parasites may have changed since these lectures were prepared. Minor changes have been made to the audio tracks to reflect changes.

Some of the slides are worn from use resulting in sub optimal image quality. All original images are included to maintain the integrity of the collection.

Some slides were likely obtained from reference textbooks. If you identify an image from a published source, please let us know and we will seek copyright permission and attribute the original source.
These lectures may be used in any non profit teaching environment. Please credit the college of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University as the source of the presentations.

Some of the images from these lectures are also available in the WSU image database at  Search on Wescott in the keywords or comments fields to see all the images in this collection.

Click on the title to play the lecture. The Adobe Flash Player is required.

Nematodes of Ruminants     optimized for use with Flash version 10

Nematodes of Small Animals    optimized for use with Flash version 10

Cestodes and Trematodes of Small Animals    optimized for use with Flash version 10

Protozoa and Ectoparasites of  Small Animals

Parasites of Swine
Richard B. Wescott Parasitology Teaching Fund

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