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Post DC Client Evaluation


This page is dedicated to Friday morning of the DC week. There we will come together, provide instruction, and fill out the evaluation forms for the clinics and individual students you worked with during the DC program.

During the week we have scheduled meetings to discuss how you can best help your students recognize some of their own strengths and weaknesses, and thereby helping them grow from this experience.

Client Evaluation Forms:

  1. REQUIRED - Clinic Evaluation: It is used to discuss how the group worked together as a whole and how they worked together to present the case to you. 

  2. OPTIONAL - Individual Student Evaluation: It is used to give the students both positive input on their perceived strengths and constructive input regarding areas that you believe need improvement.  At a minimum, we hope you will give each student some SPECIFIC feedback during the face to face de-briefing on Thursday. 


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