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Monoclonal Antibodies for use in Hamsters

MoAb Ig isotype Specificity
H42A IgG2a MHC II (HLA-DP equivalent?, different than A and E in mouse)
HAL4A G3 MHC class II
HAL14A G2b MHC class II?
HAL16A G1 MHC class II
HAT16A G2b MHC class II
HAL3A  G2a Pan T
HAT19A G2a Pan T
HAB2A G1 Pan T
HAT24A G1 T (and M?) co-expressed with HAL3A
HAL26A G1 T subpopulation, HAT3A
HAB1A G1 T subpopulation included in HAL3 and HAT19A, HAT3A- (small subset may coexpress MHC II+)
HAL36A G2a T subpopulation, HAB1A = HAB1A
HASA26A G1 B, co-express with HAT3A
HASA7A G1 B co-express with HAL17A and HAL24A and HAT3A, HAL3A- and HAT19A-,
HAL17A G2a B
HASA3A M Subpopulation?
BAQ30A G1 CD18
HASA25A G1 CD45 Predicted specificity
HAT13A G2b CD45 Predicted specificity
HAB6A G2a Pan lymphocyte
HASA18A M Pan lymphocyte. Weak or no expression on monocytes?
HAT7A G2a Pan leukocyte
HAB3A G1 Pan leukocyte
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