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Pet Brochures

Exotic Pet Brochures

Exotic Pet Brochures

These brochures are great for any Veterinary Office, Pet Store, Youth Group and more. All brochures include: General information, Selecting a healthy pet, Nutrition, Housing and environment, Signs of illness, biological data and more.

Sample packets are available upon request. See order form for available species.

Brochure packs (50 of one pet) cost $12.50 and variety packs (10 of each pet) cost $37.50.

When Your Pet Goes to the Hospital

When Your Pet Goes to The Hospital These brochures are a great way to prepare pet owners for routine and emergency hospital visits. Brochures contain information about how to prepare your pet for the hospital trip, say and visitation. Brochure packs (50 of one pet) cost $12.50 and combo packs (25 of each pet) cost $25.00.

Brochures are available for the following species


For all orders there is U.S. $3.50 shipping and handling fee and 7.8% sales tax for Washington State residents. Brochures can be ordered by phone, fax or mail. Prepayment is required before shipment in the form of a check (payable to BCU) or VISA/MasterCard.

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Please print and fill out this order form when faxing or mailing orders.

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