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Exotic Pets

All brochures include: General information, Selecting a healthy pet, Nutrition, Housing and environment, Signs of illness, biological data and more.

Specify number of Packs (50 brochures) Cost per pack Total
Bird x  $12.50
Ferret x  $12.50
Gerbil x  $12.50
Guinea Pig x  $12.50
Hamster x  $12.50
Chinchilla x  $12.50
Hedgehog x  $12.50
Lizards x  $12.50
Rabbit x  $12.50
Mouse x  $12.50
Rat x  $12.50
Snake x  $12.50
Box Turtle x  $12.50
Semiaquatic Turtle x  $12.50
Tortoise x  $12.50
Variety Packs (10 of each brochure) x  $37.50

When Your Pet goes the the Hospital

Specify number of Packs (50 brochures) Cost per pack Total
When Your Bird Goes to the Hospital x  $12.50
When Your Dog or Cat Goes to the Hospital x  $12.50
When Your Horse Goes to the Hospital x  $12.50
Combination Pack (25 of each brochure) x  $25

  Shipping & Handling $3.50
  Sales Tax 7.8% (WA only)

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