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We now offer repositional adhesive vinyl and fabric! We tested it on painted walls, concrete, glass, and wallpapered walls, and it comes off without damaging the surface or leaving residue. We have one poster here that we've peeled and reapplied dozens of times and it shows no sign of wearing out any time soon! We have two samples stuck to the wall outside BCU, so come try it out. We also offer a durable water-resistant foldable fabric. No more need for poster tubes if you need to travel with your poster! Just fold it up before and after your presentation and away you go!

We print posters and displays with three Hewlett Packard DesignJet 5500CP Postscript inkjet printers at 1200 dpi. We can print up to 52” full bleed and 50 /100’ long. Larger posters can be tiled and pieced together, or we can outsource them (turn-around time and pricing will vary). This printer has a 0.75 inch margin and will cut off any text or images butted right next to the edge. Please keep this in mind when designing your poster

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