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Rec 4 Veterinary Bioresearch (VBR) Progress 2011

Elevator Shaft
Elevator shaft taking shape [Morton photo]
  Continued progress of the new Rec 4
Veterinary Bioresearch (VBR)
shown in photos (left and below) at the end of September 2011.

The building is slated for completion
in early spring of 2013.

Scroll down to see ongoing photos of building progress.

(See also, Groundbreaking Ceremony Photo Page)
(See earlier photos)
Skeleton of faculty office gives an idea of size and shape of offices to come.
[Morton photo]

  Ready to brick
Outside exterior, ready to brick.
[Morton photo]

Small animal rooms begin to take shape and are viewed by future patrons.
[Morton photo]

  Large Animal Holding
Large animal holding rooms.
[Morton photo]

Stairs from first floor to basement in the new REC4 building that will soon house IPN.
[Morton photo]

  Stairs up
Stairs in the new Rec 4 complex appear to lead to nowhere.  Exterior construction is continuing.
[Morton photo]

View from basement of new construction toward Johnson.
[Morton photo]
View of exterior from Johnson toward new construction.

Outside progress, October 23,2011.
[Morton photo]

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Watch for building updates in coming months.
(See Photo Page of Ceremony)
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