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IPN's Rebecca Morton
honored with 2008
Grant and Contract
Administration Award and
AP Mentor of the Year

Rebecca (Becky) Morton was honored with one of the special awards given for Grant and Contract Administrators on the WSU campus.  Nominated by  Dan Nordquist, Chair Bryan Slinker, Dr. Lane Brown, Dr. Barbara Sorg, Dr. Bob Ritter, and Dr. Dave Rector, Becky is well-deserving of this honor.

In a separate ceremony for a second award, Becky will be honored for her work as a top mentor with special recognition as "Mentor of the Year" for Washington State University's Administrative Professional Staff.  (See:  for more details.)


Becky, who was nominted by two of the employees she supervises, won the mentoring award for her "selfless work" in helping others achieve all they can.  A ceremony honoring Becky as AP Mentor of the Year took place Wednesday, April 2, at the Ensminger Pavilion on the WSU campus.  The award/reception event was part of the Women & Leadership Forum.

Those who attended the honoree luncheon on Feb 7 were able to hear the praise that other administrators had for Becky, IPN's Finance Manager.

Dan Nordquist, who presented the award at a special luncheon in early February for the SPA group, told the audience of Becky's outstanding contributions to this arena.

"Becky is absolutely terrific," Nordquist told those at the luncheon, quoting from some of the praise Becky's nominators wrote about her. "She’s intelligent, clever, energetic, and possesses many other positive attributes that make her a whiz at what she does.

"Becky is the most knowledgeable, skillful, highly-efficient and professional staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I know things will be taken care of once Becky is on the task.

"Becky has become a 'go to' person for the faculty in the IPN Department. Having over a 25-year history and perspective of working at one department at WSU has allowed her to understand all the university systems to make life easier for her faculty – including personnel/payroll, purchasing, travel, property inventory, budgeting, proposal development, award management, and a slew of other duties we all love, i.e., relocation, VISA processing, lab renovations, and export controls!

"She is always on top of the departmental finances, and has an incredible knack for anticipating situations regarding grant budgets, new positions in our labs, and virtually all of our needs, large and small. A common recommendation in our department is to 'talk with Becky, she knows everything.' And after working with her for the past 15 years, I wholeheartedly believe there is nothing she can't either already do or figure out how to do. Becky keeps our IPN department moving forward smoothly and seamlessly!

"Becky’s knowledge of the university, extramural funding agency regulations and good business practices are invaluable to grants management and all manner of fiscal operations in our department. Her skills enable my colleagues and me to devote more of our time to scholarship and teaching and less time to the minutia of financial management. Becky’s contribution along these lines looms very large in the life of today’s biomedical researcher, who must spend more and more time filling out forms, applications, progress reports, etc. etc. etc. I should add that Becky also is invaluable in dealing with personnel issues, whether related to grant finance or not.

"She’s the exemplar of service to others. 'Others' include her peers across the university, the staff she supervises, and the faculty of the department she serves. She approaches everything with a 'How may I help you?' attitude. The IPN Department has a great staff that reflects this same attitude, and much of that is due to Becky’s example. Her generosity with her talents across the university – whether with respect to grants administration, immigration, or staff culture and workplace environment – also makes WSU a better place.

"I have been active in research and teaching at WSU for 34 years.  I can say without any hesitation that I have relied on Becky Morton more than any other person to help me track, account for, and efficiently utilize my research funding. In fact, before Becky came on board, I don’t know how we managed!  She always is completely professional and entirely ethical.  In summary, she is an invaluable 'world class act,' and pleasure to work with 'face to face'!”

Congratulations, Becky!

Those in IPN who work with Becky add our own congratulations.  We are pleased, but not surprised at Becky's achievement.  We recognize daily that Becky goes above and beyond in all areas of her professional and personal life.
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