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Information about Learning and Living Together: Building the Human-Animal Bond: Online Version

KIDS: Go to the curriculum for grades K - grade 4

People-Pet Partnership has developed an online curriculum for children in grades K-4. This online curriculum is based on PPP's manual Learning and Living Together: Building the Human-Animal Bond. As with the printed version, the web site is divided into different sections according to school grades; the lessons are age appropriate and aligned with the National Science Education Standards (NSES).

This project is composed of educational modules that organize learning around various activities. The different modules involve complex tasks based on challenging problems. Children, at home or in the classroom, are involved in problem solving, decision making, and investigative activities related to the proper treatment of animals.

For each grade level, there is a brief introduction presenting the concepts addressed in the section. A mascot guides the children through the web site. A tutorial follows the introductory section and the information is broken down into pieces that can be easily assimilated by the children. The children are then given the opportunity to use this new knowledge through educational games, helping them integrate the different concepts. For K-1 and 2nd Grade levels, supplemental games incorporating math, English, science, and art are also included.

It is our hope that this educational web site will provide the children with new and interesting information. The information and activities found in this web site will probably generate questions or comments from the children. We suggest the parents and educators to accompany children while they are visiting PPP's educational web site. The children will surely want to share their new knowledge with others, and will probably have a story or two about animals to tell! This may in turn generate stimulating discussion at home or in the classroom.

In the first section of the curriculum (K-1), children will get acquainted with pets. They will learn the difference between a pet, a farm animal, and a wild animal. They will also be introduced to the importance of carefully selecting companion animals according to their family’s life style. In the second grade curriculum, children will be introduced to a special type of pets: little critters. During their visit, children will learn about their care and how to safely handle little critters. The third graders will become familiar with domestic cats. Children will learn about cats, their behavior, biology, and history.  The fourth grade curriculum presents information about the history and care of dogs and explores the relationships between people and dogs.

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Grades 1-3 were sponsored by The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, A KeyBank Trust

The development of the grade four curriculum was sponsored in part by the Banfield Trust .

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